Zigzag is a living ragdoll and a spirit medium vessel, that was crafted from Bellas imagination when she was in the human world, who became real when Bella was taken into the cartoon world. He is Zoeys little playmate and is 'voiced' by Elija wood (Who voiced 9 in the film of the same name).


When Bella was growing up in the human world, she developed also a love for computer games, espicially HOP games, inspired by one called 'Stray Souls: Dollhouse Story' her subconscus created Zigzag, a ragdoll that possesses great supernatural powers, and is Zoeys playmate when Bella is busy with her toon freinds or with the MCF.

He makes his first MCF apperance in "The Star hero trio: Doll house story" when Emmy and the Star Hero trio recived a package with him in it and a file that lead them to Greenshead town, and further helps them solve the mystery of the town.


Zigzag's appearance is that of a normal stiched ragdoll, he is about as big as 9, with a zipper that is on his tummy (much like 9), a stiched up mouth, however it dosent hinder his speech at all, and two diffrent colored button eyes, one purple and one red. The reason he was called Zigzag was becuse of the black Zigzag stichmarks on his back. He carrys around a rainbow quilted sachel that carrys various articals of clothings which he uses to help with his powers of spirit channeling.


Playful, and loves to play games with Zoey by playing Dollhouse or imaginary games, especially when he expands his size to become a giant or the size of Graymatter or even streching his limbs to make Zoey and others laugh. His General personality is similar to 9, he generally wants to help everyone around him.


  • Spirit Medium Vessel: Zigzag is capable storeing loss or stray souls in his body when he zips down his zipper to allow them into his body. He is able to channel them so other people can talk with the spirits when he puts on a costume that the decesed wore in life, it also works with a accessory, or wig that he keeps in his bag. The only time the spirit leaves is if they find rest or peace with themselfs. He can also store souls who have been pushed out of there bodys by a mysterious force, and allow them to stay till they are returned to there old bodys.
  • Storage space: Zigzags can also be a living stoage space, which was dead useful during both  Bella and the Hyna squads Prowl around the HO relms.
  • Size expansion: Like Jake from 'adventure time with Finn and jake' Zigzag can strech his arms and legs out to great length as well as expand his size and height to be in his normal defalut size, to the same size as an adult to godzilla giant size (Luckully his bag and costumes also grow with his size change)


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