Rudolph Yukon Character

Yukon Cornelius is a character from the special "Ruldolph the Red Nosed Reindeer." He is eccentric, but a likeable person and he's always on the hunt for silver and gold. he has a red beard/mustache, a green coat, red pants and hat, and yellow earmuffs and he carries a pistol, a backpack and a pick-axe. He is voiced by Larry D.Mann.


Yukon Cornelius first appears as he goes with his dog sled to find some silver, then gold. He takes Ruldolph and Hermey to the Island of Misfit Toys to spend for the night. When Ruldolph leaves, he and Hermey go to find him. he uses his skills to knock the Abominable Snowmonster down while Hermey takes out his teeth. The man fights the monster until they fall off the cliff, supposingly to have died...however, it turns out...Bumbles bounce! Yukon reformed the Abominable Snowmonster and has become the new owner of a peppermint mine near Santa's workshop. 

He is set to appear in "RMCF: The Christmas Rescue" where he's still searching for Silver and Gold(with pepperment), but he assists the Rookies to find Kubla Kraus's home and save Christmas Land.


  • He constantly changes his mind every so often on what he finds.
  • He seems to be an expert on Bumbles since he knows what they can and can't do.
  • He may form a friendship with the RMCF as he takes them far to Kubla Kraus's home. 


  • RMCF: The Christmas Rescue(debut)

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