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Yer Beautiful, Baby - Thumbelina HQ

You're Beautiful BAby is a song from Thumbelina. IN the song, Mr. Berkley Beetle takes Thumbelina to his Beetle Ball after being smitten with her and she dances on stage with him and his beetle gang. All the bugs think she's beautiful until they find out she's a human and dismiss her as ugly. 


Baby, it's the Beetle Ball  And bugs are crawling to get in  When they hear that beetle beat  Those beetles beetles start to spin  And now a cheer for you, my dear  Yer beautiful, baby  Oh my little butterfly  You flutterby in each romance  Every chance to dance with you  Puts the ants back in my pants  Let's cut a rug, my ladybug  Yer beautiful, baby 

I get a flash when I have you on my wing  You tie my antennae in a knot  Now the room's reeling and I'm feeling  So hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot  Hot to trot  Let's dance, baby 

Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha  Hee-hee-hee-hee ho-ho-ho-ho  She-she-she-she's so-so-so-so  Hey that bug is a dog! 

Would you look at that  She ain't got no wings  Good gracious me  Where are those things?  She ain't got no feelers  No feelers?  She ain't got no shell  Do tell  She's got scrawny legs  And knobbly knees  For all we know  The gal's got fleas  She can't even fly  No, that won't do  So say goodbye  She's not for you 

I'm sorry toots, I guess you're too.... ugly!


  • Mr. Berkley Beetle and Bugs(Thumbelina)
  • Honest John, Mumbo, Mortemier and role of Beetles(MCF: A Tiny Adventure)

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