Wormy is an OC by Detective88 and Subuku No Jess for the fanfiction stories including the MCF stories who first appeared in Detective88's parody of Beetlejuice for a bonus character. He is Jessy and Aaron's sandworm "son" after Jessy found his egg. He lives in Saturn like all Sandworms from Beetlejuice. He is voiced by Frankie Jonas as a child and Scott McCord as a teenager.


In the parody, Wormy was an egg when Jessy finds him. She and Aaron along with Cedric and Raina(who play Adam and Barbra Maitland) raise it until he grows to be a child and giant enough to fit the kitchen of hte house. The four have no choice but to set him free. Later, Wormy is a teenager and summoned by Raina to help stop Benton Tarentella(as Beetlejuice) which he does by swallowing him.

In "MCF: A Musical Nightmare", he, Holt and Marshall Lee are on an island where he comes across Jessy and Emmy. They team up to fight off Mafiafas and Damien and get Jessy's memories back from Mafiafas.


  • It is unknown if Wormy will return in a mystery.
  • Wormy is part of the band with Holt and Marshall Lee.
  • Wormy's voice actor is the same as Sosuke from Ponyo and his teenage voice actor is Trent from Total Drama Island.
  • Wormy is named after the Spongebob Squarepants episode of the same name.
  • Even though Wormy isn't really Jessy and Aaron's biological son and is a sandworm by adoption, he's considered part of the family.


  • MCF: A Musical Nightmaredebut)