Woomera is a character from Noah's Island and is one of the inhabitants who live on the Island. She is a kind hearted and strong minded red kangaroo who can sometimes be very stubborn.Woomera has a very pronounced Australian accent. She is voiced by Sally Grace.

Bio Edit

Woomera was a nurse to baby joeys back in Australia before she joined the zoo so hence becomes a nurse alongside Rocco, the island doctor.

She is good friends with Rocco but is not too keen on Reg. She become mate with a kangaroo named Chip.

MCF Series Edit

She appears in the episode of Season 3 during the Families Reunited at Last Arc called "A Digital Adventure" where she, Noah and Sparky leave their game and join the MCF, Blinky Bill and Wolf into the Digimon universe where they help Sora accomplish her goal to become the coolest Digimon trainer despite being a glitch. They then realize that the evil Princess Natasha is the evil version of Emmy in disguise who went Turbo on the old game and when she is defeated, Woomera and the other runaways return to their games while the MCF head back to their home and Raina reunites with her biological mother Jane Porter.

Appearences Edit

  • MCF: Families Reunited at Last(Debut; A Digital Adventure)

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