He is Bellas third guardian character to hatch.He represents Bellas love to write and create storys, and write about toons. He is also a representation of Bellas desire to use her writings to make people happy or to help people with asburgers liker her to get through tough times.


He looks like a Runemaster Heartless, except on his book and collar is the omytrix symbol with a pair of holding hands (the duel card united we stand) under it, and a orange feathered fadora (he takes the feather out when he is writing) and has green eyes and glasses.


He lives up to his name, he is witty and clever, though is quiet and prefers to just write in his book. He is caring and dosent mind being with his brother and sister, since they know him the most


White but looks as if covered in black ink sploches, with a closed book (Wits book) at the center)

Special PowersEdit

Like all charas, he can sense X-Eggs, but like Miki, he can sense them at a larger scale.

He can bring things in his book to life with the phrase "written to life, read it and weep" by summoning the words he can summon a clone, however there are words on there bodys and cloths.

Character ChangeEdit

When He character changes with Bella, Bella gains Witts glasses and is able to become a better writer and has lifted writers block (Though she will over do it and write everywhare if she dosent have a journel or paper)

Character Transformation(S)Edit

When he character transforms with Bella, she becomes Writer Hyna

Appearance: Bellas hair gets tied in a tight bun, and gains a pair of glasses (similar to Wits), and gains a giant book/journel. She dones on a green male buisness suit, but its covered in purple pinstripes. In this form, when she crosses her legs as her journel book opens she can levetate.


  1. Writer Hynas Journel
  2. Writer Hynas Pen

Abilitys: As "Writer Hyna" she can make her Jorunel grow to giant size with the Phrse "Big Journel bang smash" or use her Ink Pen in a similar way as Amulet Spades paintbrush using "Color Ink" to send large sploches of ink to imobolize X-Eggs or X-Characters.

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