Willy Zilla is the main protagonist of the show "My Dad the Rock Star." He is embarresed to say it, but his father is the famous Rock Zilla. He has messy red hair, glasses and wears a white shirt over a orange vest, blue pants and orange/white shoes. He is voiced by Joanne Vannicola.


Willy's life as a rock star's son is very very tough for him. When his father the famous Rock Zilla decides to retire from the rock buisness and move in to where he grew up Silent Springs. While there, he met his friends Alyssa and Quincy and together with his dad and sometimes his mom, Crystal, sister Serenity, band member Skunk and pet lizard Mosh, they go on many adventures. Willy once had a crush on Angela D'Angelo, but she moved away because of her neurotic, germaphobic and overprotective parents who hate his family. OVer the course of the series, he started to fall for Alyssa and by the time the show was over, they became boyfriend and girlfriend.

In "MCF and the Beanstalk", he along with his family, Kenan, Kel, Twilight Sparkle and Cosette are captured by Monty the GIant to be dinner the end fo the weekend, but the MCF rescue them.


  • Willy is simular to Max from "A Goofy Movie" in which they're both embarressed by their dads' goofy nature, but they care for them nevertheless.
  • Willy wants to be a muscian like his family, but he is more of a trumpet player.


  • MCF and the Beanstalk(debut)

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