Who I'd be is a song from "Shrek the Musical". It takes place during Fiona, Shrek and Donkey's first camping
Shrek The Musical - Who I'd Be04:12

Shrek The Musical - Who I'd Be

night and Shrek explains why he's always alone. Donkey asks him what would he be if he weren't an ogre and Shrek tells him that he could be anything. The song contains some verses from Donkey's song "Don't Let Me Go" and Fiona's song "I Know it's Today." .



I guess I'd be a hero, With sword and armor clashing 

Looking semi dashing, A shield within my grip 

Or else I'd be a Viking and live a life of daring 

While smelling like a herring, upon a Viking ship. 

I'd sail away, I'd see the world, I'd reach the farthest reaches 

I'd feel the wind, I'd taste the salt and sea. 

And maybe storm some beaches. 

That's who I'd be. That's who I'd be. 

Or I could be a poet and write a different story,

One that tells of glory, and wipes away the lies 

And to the skies I'd throw it, the stars would do the telling 

The moon would help with spelling, and night would dot the 'I's 

I'd write a verse, Recite a joke, with wit and perfect timing. 

I'd share my heart, confess the things I yearn, and do it all while rhyming. 

But we all learn. But we all learn.

And Ogre always hides, an Ogre's fate is known

And Ogre always stays in the dark and all alone 

So yes I'd be a hero, and if my wish was granted

Life would be enchanted, or so the stories say. 

Of course I'd be a hero, and I would scale a tower 

And save a hot-house flower, and carry her away 

But standing guard would be a beast, I'd somehow over whelm it, 

I'd get the girl, I'd take my breath, and I'd remove my helmet. 

We'd stand and stare, we'd speak of love, we'd feel the stars ascending

We'd share a kiss, I'd find my destiny 

I'd have a hero's ending, a perfect happy ending. 

That's how it would be 

A big bright beautiful world 

But not for me.


An ogre always hides. An ogres fate is know. An ogre always stays in the dark

[Shrek] (same time as Fiona's same line)

An ogre always stays in the dark


you're all alone


All Alone

(All at the same time)


So yes i'd be a hero, and if my wish was granted my life would be enchanted or so the stories say. 

Of course I'd be a hero and I would scale a tower to save a hot-house flower and carry her away!


There are rules and there are strictures. I believe the story books i read by candle light


All alone You need a pal  My calendars open You need me


A perfect happy ending, that's how.... it.. should be!


  • This is one of the favorite songs of Detective88 which is why she'd use it more than once.


  • Shrek, Fiona and Donkey(Shrek the Musical)
  • Shrek, Fiona, Donkey, Tracy, Raina, Daisy and Starz(MCF and the Shrek Adventure)
  • Ralph, Vanellope and MCF(MCF: The Race of Death)

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