Wendy Corduroy

Wendy Corduroy is the object of Dipper's affections on "Gravity Falls. Like Soos and Grunkle Stan, she works at the Mystery Shack where Dipper and Mabel spend their summer. She is the daughter of a lumberjack and is very helpful towards her fellow members of the team. She is a 15 year old girl with freckles, orange hair, a green shirt, lumberjack hat, black boots and blue jeans. She is voiced by Linda Cardellini.


Wendy is a slacker who works at the Mystery Shack. She loves hanging out with Dipper(the boy who has a crush on her), his sister Mabel and sometimes Soos and her boss Grunkle Stan. When she's hanging out with the teenagers, it's usually during quitting time. She had a number of ex-boyfriends in her life including one that she forgot to ignore and Robbie, the jerk who dated her for a while until Dipper found out his jerkwad evil plan and broke up with him, making her have a chance with Dipper. Wendy is also caring and appreciative when it comes to Dipper and Mabel and would stand up for them whenever someone gives them a hard time. She even has become fond of Dipper.

In "MCF: The Curse of Mermaid Lake", she was one of Dyris's previous victims of her curse. She is mentioned when her hat was found underwater by Jessy. She later appears as one of Dyris's slaves, but when Dyris is defeated and Mermaid Lake's curse was lifted, Wendy transformed back into her normal human form.

It is unknown if she will return.


  • Wendy in hair style is simular to Marceline from Adventure Time.
  • There may be hints that Wendy likes Dipper back as in he promises to keep her secret safe and she to his.
  • Her and Dipper's relationship is a little simular to Ted and Audrey's from "The Lorax 2012." hence of Dipper being a tween and Wendy being a teen.
  • Wendy is known to be athletic when it comes to swinging down to the ground from trees.


  • MCF: The Curse of Mermaid Lake(debut)

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