Welcome Home - Lady And The Tramp 2 english02:52

Welcome Home - Lady And The Tramp 2 english

Welcome Home is the opening song from "Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure." In the song, it reintroduces Tramp, Lady, their owners Jim Dear and Darling and Lady and Tramp's puppies, Daniel, Colette, Annette and the film's star Scamp. It also reintroduces Aunt Sarah, Si and Am(the main antagonists of the first film), Tony and Joe(The resturant owners only as a cameo), and Lady's neighbors Jock and Trusty(only as a cameo as well). It will be featured in "MCF the Movie: Magic Within Us All", as the second opening song taking place years later and shows the aftermath of everything in the MCF series from Seasons 1-5 with the MCF girls living with their biological families in the palace with their families and assistants. 


Chorus: To this small, little Not too big, little homey Nice, little, quaint, little always kindly Old New England town Welcome

If you're new to the place And feeling uneasy Fret not a bit In this always, friendly Old New England town Welcome (2x)

To our family picnic July fourth picnic Independence Day!

Men: Whether next of kin or new-door neighbor Happily, we pool our labor to give our town a new face And when we're done, you'll never know the place

Chorus: At our family picnic July fourth picnic Independence Day! There's a buzzing in the air Children running everywhere As all of us prepare For that once-a-year wonderful day And our spirits are so high Feels like Christmas in July As we pray the hours fly To that star-spangled Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful day

Female Puppies: We can hardly wait to bathe and dress up We love picnics we confess, yup!

Lady: With Darling and with Jim Dear We've made a home from which we'll never roam

Tramp: Why would we when we're so contented here

Lady: In this small, little, not too

Female Puppies: Big, little, cozy

Lady and Female Puppies: Warm, little, swell, little

Chorus: Always loving old New England home? In our small, little, not too big Little, honey, nice, little Quaint, little, Always friendly Old New England town Welcome (4x)


  • It's a little simular to Belle from Beauty and the Beast as it has the chorus singing and the ending is simular to the song, but it's not singing about the main character.
  • The lyrics will be changed a little to make it fit a gala for the MCF's biggest anniversary party ever. 


  • Lady, Tramp, Annette, Colette, Danielle, Tony, Joe and Chorus(Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure)
  • MCF Assistants, the Kid Crusaders, The RMCF, The MCF's Biological Parents, Anna, Elsa, and Chorus(MCF the Movie: Magic Within Us All)

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