Wanda is Timmy's fairy godmother on "The Fairly Oddparents." Unlike her husband, Cosmo, she is more level-headed and tempremental, but is shown to have a caring heart when it comes to her husband and godkids. She has pink hair in a swirl and eyes, a yellow shirt and earrings and black pants and shoes; she is voiced by Susan Blakeslee.


Wanda comes from a somehow wealthy family as her father is a mob boss and her sister is an actress. She fell in love with Cosmo somehow during their teenager years and got married. Later, they become godparents to a lonely boy named Timmy Turner who is bullied by his babysitter Vicky and neglected by his parents. In the series, she is the voice of reason for the two and tries to get Timmy on the straight and narrow path.

In the MCF series, she along with Cosmo and Poof appear with Timmy in some cases, but it is unknown if Timmy's members of teh Kid Crusaders know about them.


  • She has an addiction for chocolate which is shown in a case of episodes.
  • Her design is based on Wilma Flinstone from "The Flintstone." 
  • Her hair was originally going to be blue, before deciding on pink.
  • Her relationship with Cosmo have existed for more than 10,000 years.
  • Because, she is caring towards Timmy, fans believe she should be Timmy's mother. 


  • MCF and the Wishing Star(Debut)
  • MCF and the Fairly Oddparents