Viola in Ellen's body

is one of the main characters in The Witch's House. She is a 13 year old girl with blonde hair that's put up in braids and has green eyes.

She befriended Ellen, a young girl, but who was also the witch of the house (got her powers from a demon). She tricks Viola into switchins bodies, since Ellen was weak and sick, but with the promise of "just for a day." In the end, however, they never switched back bodies, since Ellen enjoys her new painless body. Viola unfortunately dies in Ellen's body, shot by her own father, thinking its some monster - in the true ending of the game.

Viola appears in the game in Ellen's body where she tries to trap Ellen in the house with Ellen's own power (which Ellen's body still possesses). Ellen (in Viola's body) was able to escape the house in all the official endings, leading to the true Viola's death


She is a very sweet and kind girl, nice enough to risk switching bodies with Ellen, which was supposed to be just for a day. She was only trying to help Ellen (in Viola's body) not to die in the house, since it was still her body that Ellen was walking around with. Ellen's comment on her for being persistent ("I have to applaud your tenacity.") was true. She would be the kind to still chase after her, using the lasts of Ellen's power to switch bodies back even when the state she was in was so incredibly painful (eyes gouged out and legs cut off), she wouldn't give up to get back everything she had.

The result was a failure. Either in one ending she would stay back and die or chase Ellen in her body and be killed. Fans claim that there is another ending where she wins and gets her body back. It was in the part where the player character (Ellen) was being chased by her and when the player receives a game over, that's where she gets her body back. 


She lives with her father. Viola once stumbled into the forest and met Ellen who they became "friends." They became really, really, great "friends." That she even knew that she was the witch.

One day, Ellen asked a favor from her. It was to switch bodies with her, "Just for a day." She accepted her favor but was shocked to find out that Ellen's body was falling apart. It hurt so Ellen in Viola's body gave her what she insisted on was medicine. It was not. It was a throat burning medicine so she wasn't able to talk anymore. Ellen's eyes were removed and her legs were cut off. Ellen went outside of the house after, appreciating the breeze and the air. Ellen then went back when roses had blocked the path outside and Viola tried to do so many things with Ellen's power but failed with Ellen saying in the true ending, "I was guided by that house all the way, so I was ensured to escape.

In 'MCF: Daxter and the Little Girls', Voila is set to appear with Dio, a character from Mad Father. She will be in Ellen's body and may either regain her original body. However it is unknown what will happen but the body Viola is in had been restored by the same person who brought back Dio. The two team up with Daxter, Breezie, Margo, Edith, and Agnes to stop the forces at work while, for Viola of course, getting revenge on Ellen.


  • Voila is the only 'heroine' of the horror games who truely appears in 'MCF: Daxter and the Little Girls.' Aya only appear in flashbacks while other horror heroines like Ib and Aki aren't mentioned or appear at all.
  • She is the second RPG horror game character Tracy will meet, the first being Mary from Ib in Angelthewingedcat's 'The Forgotten Rose'.
  • Some fans calm there is a 'third ending' where Viola gets her body back. These are the 'game over' ending in which Ellen is killed.
  • It is hitted that Viola wasn't the first person Ellen had tricked from the letter her (Viola) father send her. It is likely Ellen has killed many other people in the past before the two met, making Viola another vicitem of Ellen's magic.
  • There have also been fanfics done by fans where Viola lives on in Ellen's body and gets her revenge on Ellen for betraying her,


  • MCF: Daxter and the little girls (Debut) (Coming soon)

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