Vicky is a torturous sixteen-year-old girl who babysits Timmy and one of the main antagonists in the show.She has messy red hair and pink eyes with a ponytail, a green shirt and black pants/shoes. Her really menacing behavior towards Timmy is one of the reasons - if not the main reason - that he has fairy godparents, and most of his wishes involve getting revenge, or simply getting around her. Vicky is typically hired when Timmy's parents make a hasty getaway trip to one of their "adults-only" destinations, leaving Timmy in her cruel hands. Vicky is voiced by Grey DeLisle, whom also voices Vicky's sister Tootie and many other characters.

Bio Edit

As revealed in "Abra-Catastrophe!", and mentioned in "Imaginary Gary", Vicky first started babysitting Timmy Turner when he was eight and she was fourteen. Timmy had found a flier advertising Vicky's babysitting service, and panicked and called this number when his parents tricked him into thinking he was being left alone. When Vicky arrived, she convinced Timmy's parents that they could use a babysitter so they would have time for each other to go out and do adult things. From that point on, Vicky tormented Timmy whenever she babysat him, and his parents would continue to spend time away leaving him under Vicky's cruel care. Timmy became so miserable that he needed fairy godparents. With them, he was able to use magic to get even with Vicky. Even with his fairies, Timmy is still challenged by Vicky over the course of the show.

She has also worked other non-babysitting jobs, usually if they involve hurting others or holding sharp objects. Oftentimes when she is introduced, the simple act of saying her name would cause thunder and lightning to flash in the sky, or a person would be nearby playing frightening piano music. In the episode "Vicky Gets Fired", Vicky is fired by the Turners for taping over a recording by accident, rather than for her torment of Timmy, but it is revealed that any other line of work Vicky takes only makes her more evil and powerful, so Timmy opts to keep Vicky as his babysitter instead.

In the episode "When Losers Attack", Vicky is seen working at the Cake 'N' Bacon restaurant as a waitress, where she agrees to help Dark Laser, Mr. Crocker, and Foop to get rid of Timmy. Together, their group is called the L.O.S.E.R.S.. Vicky does not join the group until near the end of the episode, where they seek her help in "training" to help defeat Timmy, although Vicky seems more satisfied with simply torturing her new allies.

Early life Edit

Vicky appears to have started babysitting at age fourteen or possibly earlier. When she first met Timmy, when he was eight, she was just as mean as she is now. It is never explained why Vicky is the way that she is, although several conflicting plots have been put forth. In the episode "Snow Bound", she reveals that she had a really rough childhood. In "Tiny Timmy", it is said that the her niceness never showed up to work inside her brain. In "Vicky Loses Her Icky", the cause of her evilness is attributed to an evil bug that crawled up her butt. In the episode "The Switch Glitch", she was actually nice as a five year old, but quickly turned bad when she wanted revenge on Timmy for being a mean babysitter. It has also been suggested in fanon that her sister Tootie being born was the cause of her disliking younger kids, although this has never been explicitly stated. In the episode "The Masked Magician", Vicky mentions that Tootie and their parents may even consider her their enemy when Timmy asks her who would want to tie her up to railroad tracks. Hanging in her house is a picture of an infant-aged Vicky is shown with the same evil scowl she has in her later life so its possible she was bornthis way.

Future Edit

Bad Future/Vicky the Dictator Edit

In the bad future showed in "Channel Chasers", Vicky became "Supreme Ruler of the Earth". She had an untold amount of faceless followers that wore black uniforms and masks with glowing red eyes. Vicky herself wore a robe that obscured her face, although she eventually revealed herself to the viewer. Older Vicky in this time line has not changed much, although her hair is slightly messier and her skin is a more sickly pale color and has few wrinkles. She also wears a military dictator's uniform, with a "V" symbol on her cap. She seems persistent on capturing Future A.J. for his time belt, so that she could send her most trusted follower back in time (unfortunately for her, her most "trusted" follower was really Future Timmy in disguise). Exactly why she wanted to do so is never explained, and her motive seems unclear since she already has supreme power, but one possibility is that she is trying to stop Timmy in the past because he still has access to the green remote. Before Future Timmy revealed himself to his younger counterpart, the viewer was led to the belief that he was sent back in time to harm Timmy in the past.

After Timmy Turner successfully defeated Vicky in the present, and changed the bad future into a good one, twenty years passed by and Timmy is revealed to have two children, a son anddaughter. The children bear a resemblance to Vicky's little sisterTootie among other characters, meaning that these children would be Vicky's nephew and niece if Tootie married Timmy. Some fans even believe that Vicky herself could have been the mother, but this is unlikely due to a sizable age difference (five or six years) between her and Timmy. But if Vicky was the mother, it's possible that her children could have inherited genes from their grandmother.

The two children are babysat by a robot that looks and acts like Vicky, so it is likely that Timmy has some connection with her in the future, or has at the very least reconciled with her. It is also possible, even implied in some of Future Timmy's dialogue, that because he forgot about his fairies in his later life, Timmy eventually assumed that it was his parents, and by extension Vicky, who helped shape him into becoming a responsible adult instead of his fairies. Therefore he believes that hiring a babysitter that resembles Vicky will help shape his own children into responsible adults too. Vicky's exact connection with the robot is unknown, but if she makes and designs these robots, she is likely very rich and successful like she always wanted to be.

In the alternate reality created by Crocker in "Abra-Catastrophe" she was shown surprisingly complacent when worshiping Mr. Crocker, which she would never normally do. This attitude can be possibly explained if Crocker's magic made everyone automatically have a positive image of him. Other possibility is that Vicky was just pretending to avoid a possible punishment, though it is to note that even Crocker was far more powerful in his supreme ruler self than Vicky ever was when she had said role, although Crocker's rule was still a dictatorship, it was relatively less oppressive than Vicky's. For example Crocker apparently solved any problem he didn't like or rebellions himself, while Vicky resorted to police and military oppression and apparently was far more sadistic.

MCF Stories Edit

She will make a debut in the Season 4 MCF story "RMCF: The Problem With Tootie" as the main antagonist threatening Timmy and Trixie's relationship and also torments the RMCF and KC at the same time.

Appearences Edit

  • RMCF: The Problem with Tootie(Debut)

Trivia Edit

  • In a few MCF Stories, she has a cousin named Vera who was Tracy and Tricia's babysitter and has the same cruel streak as her.
  • Currently, Doug Dimmadome, Chip Skylark, Mr. Crocker and her parents are the only adults on the show to know of her evil state.
  • Vicky bears a resemblance to Helen, a character from Zoomates one of the cartoons that the creators, Butch Hartman and Seth MacFarlane both made.
  • According to older fans, Vicky's characterization since the episode "Open Wide and Say Aaagh!", resembles the personality of Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons, which Butch Hartman himself is fan of that cartoon.
  • Vicky likes her pets and takes great care of them, unlike the children she babysits.
  • It was revealed in "Boys in the Band" that Vicky apparently doesn't have any friends when trying to find a witness when planning her forced wedding to Chip Skylark. This was later enforced in Frenemy Mine, when she was kicked from the B.R.A.T. group.
  • Recently, revealed in "Frenemy Mine", Vicky was a part of a secret organization of evil babysitters (B.R.A.T.). Whether this is why she was mean to Timmy from the start or if she has her own hatred for Timmy is unknown. However, there's that possibility since on some episodes (e.g. Snow Bound) she warms up to Timmy.
  • Since one of B.R.A.T.'s rules is not to be saved by a "twerp", Timmy saved Vicky in "Totally Spaced Out" and "Snow Bound". She also became nice in "Tiny Timmy!" and "Vicky Loses Her Icky". Despite these four situations, she never had any consequences with the B.R.A.T. until "Frenemy Mine", which means she joined the B.R.A.T. recently and apparently quickly grew very fond of them
  • In Wishology: The Middle Part she cries out after Timmy is sucked into the Darkness, "I'll never call him a twerp again!". This reveals she has a love/hate relationship with Timmy.
  • Vicky enjoyed Poof's cute appearance in Wishology: The Final Ending. She even admitted she can't "resist the joy of a baby's smile."
  • From Season 3 and onward, Vicky's characterization is said to have gone from a mean bully to an outright sadist, including attempting to kill Timmy in many situations ("Vicky Gets Fired", "Open Wide and Say Aaagh!"). In Season 7, she appeared much less, but was far less threatening to Timmy. In Season 8 however, she almost killed Timmy (who was actually Dark Laser) in "When Losers Attack". She was also seen chasing Timmy with a knife in "Timmy's Secret Wish!"
  • Some episodes like "Homewrecker" show that her strength is very high depending on certain episodes.
  • Many viewers widely consider Vicky as the least likable character on the show, due to her treatment of Timmy.
  • She is one of the mortal enemies of Timmy. Another is Mr. Crocker.
  • Revealed in "The Switch Glitch", her favorite flavor is vanilla.
  • In the episode "A Bad Case of Diary-Uh!", she was very close in revealing Cosmo and Wanda by shooting Timmy with a truth serum but when Timmy was about to say that his goldfish are his fairies by saying "and my goldfish are really...", she interrupts and says ", yeah whatever."
  • Her bank card number is "1234 5678 90".
  • Vicky's favorite television show is "The World of Lipgloss."
  • Vicky's favorite television channel is "The Makeup Channel".
  • Vicky Khan and Vicky the Kid could be one of Vicky's ancestors.
  • Her parents are very frightened of her as shown in "Channel Chasers" and "Timmy's 2-D House of Horror".
  • Her family's surname has never been revealed. Her house's mailbox just says "Vicky's House".
  • In Dream Goat!, it's shown that Vicky wears bright pink underwear when Chompy the Goat gives her a wedgie.