Vector despicable me-t2

Victor "Vector" Perkins is the main antagonist of Despicable Me. He wanted to steal the Shrink Ray and take the moon to impress his father, who owns the Bank of Evil. He is voiced by Jason Segal.


Vector first appears at the bank, showing off his pirahna gun to an uninterested Gru, who proceeded to freeze his head. Vector then steals the shrink ray from Gru and shrinks his ship in revenge. Vector has set up lots of booby traps at his house, but when the girls offer him cookies, he lets them in. This gives Gru the plan to adopt the girls and use them as a distraction. As they do that, Agnes and the girls annoy him about questions about his 'warm up suit'. When he goes to tell his dad about the shrink ray, Mr. Perkins shows him that Gru has it and that the girls have tricked him. Realizing this, he decides to take revenge. He goes up and tries to sabotage Gru's rocket, but luckily he failed. So he captured the girls and offers Gru them back for the moon. Gru keeps his word, but Vector doesn't and flies off witht he girls in tow. Unaware of the moon growing aback due to the larger the mass and that eth effects fo the shrink ray would wear off quicker, he refuses to let Margo jump after her sisters to Gru's arms, until it is too late, making him let go of Margo who is caught by Gru. Soon, after the moon grows bigger, it and Vector go into orbit and into space...for good

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