Jeffrey "Jeff" Perry is the long lost uncle and parental guardian of Terri and Terry Perry who had been kidnapped and mutated by a banished monster professor during the twins freshman year in M.U. college. but was resued years later and returned home.


Long ago he was a surly type of monster who had an older brother named Peter who married to a girl named Phoebe and who had a two headed baby boy named Terri and Terry while Jeff went to nightclubs and cared for only himself.

Then one day Peter and Phoebe couldn't care for the twins anymore and had to give them up to Jeff, who didn't have a choice of the matter and Peter told his brother to take care of the two. Soon after the news came that Peter and his wife had died in a car crash and that left Jeff alone with the babies, who melted his heart by saying their first words, his name. Touched by the way the babies spoke to him he's personally changed to become an overprotective guardian to the babies.

Years later when Terri and Terry enrolled in Monsters University Jeff felt proud of his boys but soon after got a call from Terry about him and his brother being beaten up but before he could get to the university he was knocked out and taken away and became a mutated monster under Prof. Weisman's Control.


  • MCF: A Monstrous Mystery(Debut)
  • MCF: Another Monsterous Mystery

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