Trixie Carter

Trixie Carter is the second best friend of Jake Long on American Dragon: Jake Long. She is sassy and smart and helps Jake. She is an African American girl with black hair in round pigtails, a purple shirt with a butterfly on it and blue pants with black shoes. She is voiced by Miss Kitten.


Trixie is a girl living in New York City. Her best friends are Jake Longand Spud. She is Jake's best bud, and only female friend. Carter currently attends Millard Fillmore Middle School. Trixie loves helping Jake protect the magical community.

She is sassy, vivacious, and somewhat of a tomboyish character. Although initially annoyed at Jake for how long he kept his secret from her, she loves helping to protect the magical community. She is supportive of both Jake and Spud, but for a while she has shown a dislike and distrust toward Rose and was a bit unsupportive of Jake's feelings for her, but soon started to accept their relationship.

She is also a trustworthy friend because even though Jake's grandfather did not initially trust her and Spud, they kept Jake's dragon secret

She can be very rude and inconsiderate because she threw away her long time friendship with Spud and Jake just to be with the "cool" girls and have girl talk with the cheer squad. But in the end, she saves both of her friends and proves to be considerably loyal

Trixie lives with at home with her mother and grandmother, her mother however is sometimes away for long periods as she is either an airplane attendant or an airline pilot at these times her grandmother acts as Trixie's primary caregiver, always asking her if she or her friends want something eat. It has not yet been confirmed but Trixie's grandmother may live with her.

It is established in that her father works for the military and is a fighter pilot. Trixie's family appears to be wealthy. It is shown that her mother often buys Trixie designer clothing when she is in other countries, but Trixie rarely wears them as they are not her style.

In "MCF: Families Reunited at Last" she appears in "The Starian Secret-The Medical Mystery" where she, Spud and Jake team up with the MCF to save Haley who was given a medicine by Penelope to turn her into a robot. It is unknown when she'll return.


  • In the Season One intro, Trixie plays the electric guitar in Jake's imaginary band.
  • Her hair style is very similar to that of Holly from Phineas and Ferb, also a girl.
  • She uses the word "baby" a lot.
  • Trixie bears a close resemblance to, and shares last name with, Cleo Carter from Tutenstein, which is believed to also be set in (or around) New York.


  • MCF: Families Reunited at Last(Debut; The Starian Secret-The Medical Mystery)

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