Trina RIffen is the main antagonist of "Grojband." She is Corey's cruel, evil, and is crazy. She is madly in love with Nick Mallory, who doesn't return his feelings so much. Whenever her temper explodes or she's just in a mood that she's extremly in such as love or sadness, she shoots up like a rocket and writes in her diary, getting the lyrics Corey and his band need for their band. She is 16 year old girl wiht pink hair with a purple headband, a purple skirt, with pink pants, white stockings and shirt and black Mary Janes. She is voiced by Allision Court.

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Trina, the older sister of Corey along with her sidekick Mina, try desperatly to ruin Grojband and/or try to woo Nick Mallory, the hunky third-person speaking boy in Peaceville. Usually her plans usally fail at the expense that her goody-two-shoes brother tries to make her angry or somehow emotional for her to write lyrics for their songs.


Trina's diary modes: Angry, Lovestruck, Fear, Anger(when transformed into a pig), Sadness, and Chocolate-Love

In one episode, her role from witch to lackey was swapped after a comet passed them in "A Knight to Remember" making her Mina's lackey. When the comet passed again, she is back in her normal mean spirited self.

In "Dreamweaver" it is revealed that she has a sweet ego Katrina that she locked up for many years.

She is set to debut in "MCF and the Chocolate Factory" where she becomes Raina an the girls' rival during the tour of the chocolate factory, but since she takes the Violet Beauragaurde role, she takes the gum and turns into a blueberry as punishment.


  • Trina has an evil streak like Vicky from "The Fairly Oddparents" because of the way they treat the protagonists.
  • Trina is also simular to Captain Hook hence having a nice lackey(Smee, Mina)
  • She is also has a fear of puppets after an incident at a toystore as a child.
  • There's very likely that Trina will team up with Kelly in the future.


  • MCF and the Chocolate Factory(debut;upcoming)

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