Toothpick was a villain in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. He was one of Cyrille Le Paradox's lieutenants, and was sent to the Wild West. He planned on stealing gold from that time period and bringing it back to the present, making himself a billionaire. Toothpick is an insane and a trigger-happy armadillo, shown when he threatened to rip off Sly's hand after his poster vandalism. He is also an ego-maniac, plastering the town with posters of himself and dedicating festivals in his own honor, probably he had no patience for the townspeople to throw an appreciation festival after a few years of Toothpick's job. He has an extreme temper, and when it's peaked, he can grow into a gigantic size. Despite everything he had as a wild and trigger-satisfy armadillo, Toothpick only had one particular weakness from hearing; he couldn't stand loud noises, particularly whistles, which aggravates his sensitive ears that he's unable to plug them from.He was the main antagonist of Episode 2: Go West, Young Raccoon. He is voiced by David Lodge.

Bio Edit

He was originally an Eastern European mobster who grew up loving cowboy movies and gold, so he specialized in gold robberies. He was even behind some of the world's greatest gold heists.

Le Paradox hired him to take out "Tennessee Kid" Cooper, so Toothpick staged a robbery (which would later go down in history as Tennessee's greatest heist) and framed Tennessee for it, despite the robbery taking place after Tennessee was arrested. Toothpick has an obsession with gold. He planned on mining all of the gold out of Cotton Mouth Bluff and bringing it back to the present day to become rich. He was eventually stopped by the Cooper Gang, when Sly defeated him. After being defeated, Toothpick fell into the train's furnace, and he was blasted out to Tennessee, where Tennessee threw him off the train. Toothpick was stranded in the Wild West, where he was sentenced to working on the train railroads with a chain gang. The sound of train whistles made him go deaf, and he was run over by an oncoming train which he didn't hear coming.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Toothpick is an excellent shot and is skilled with a variety of firearms, making him very dangerous right off the bat. He also has the ability to grow to a massive size when he becomes extremely enraged which allows him to create shock waves by slamming the ground and create tornadoes by spinning and using his cowboy hat. When he gets dizzy, Toothpick shrinks into normal size before he might become vulnerable to be attacked.

MCF Stories Edit

He first appeared in the MCF: Families Reunited at Last in Season 3's arc where Starz finds her mother called "Switched Minds." She was accidentally switched minds with Jubileena Bing-Bing and does his crimes while in her body. Soon, he gets his old body back thanks to the MCF, but accidentally getting a star tattoo along with his fellow villains. His main antagonist appearence was in the episode "When Two Brothers Become One" when he makes a deal with Terry and Teri to be split apart after the two argue. However, there's a catch: one of them dies. Luckliy, the MCF get the brothers out of the deal, but Toothpick steals the Monsters Inc laugh cannisters. He then appears in "The Search for Starz" where he becomes a slave to Lord Isreal along with her villianous comrades. After Isreal is defeated, the villains are turned back to normal and jailed for their crimes.

Appearences Edit

  • MCF: Families Reunited at Last(Debut; episode "Switched Minds"; When Two Brothers Become One; The Search for Starz)

Trivia Edit

  • Toothpick hates only one thing concerning the Wild West - the loud sound of train whistles, which hurt his sensitive ears.
  • It is revealed at the end of the game that Toothpick was eventually sentenced to working in a chain gang set to work on the railroads. The constant sound of train whistles would eventually cause him to go deaf.
    • Upon going deaf, Toothpick (unknowingly) stepped into the path of an oncoming train, which killed him.
  • Apparently, Toothpick had a fondness for lollipops; however, his favorite was a Cuban variety, which had to take weeks for them to be shipped. Supposedly, they taste like rice and beans.
  • Toothpick is the only member of Le Paradox's crew that eventually died. He is also one of only two minor villains in the series to die, the other being Captain LeFwee.
    • He is also the only member who became permanently stranded in the past.
  • Toothpick is the only boss in Thieves in Time to not have a thin, vertical stripe running down his clothing in some fashion. In early concept art, however, he did.
  • Toothpick's silhouette is able to be seen in the Paris Prologue, along with Miss Decibel and Le Paradox, who are conversing behind a window.
  • During the operation, there is a goof. After Bentley hacks into the train whistle system, Toothpick yells in agony, and the text is in green, Bentley's signature color, and not brown, which is Toothpick's text color.
    • Also, when Toothpick is angrily talking to Tennessee, the text is yellow, not brown.
  • Toothpick seems to pay homage to three of the bosses from the original trilogy: Muggshot, Jean Bison, and theMask of Dark Earth (and by extension, the miners). Like Muggshot, Toothpick's weapons of choice are guns and the source of his criminality stems from his childhood. Like Jean Bison, he is not native to the time period the Cooper Gang fights him in, both die in the time periods they didn't belong in, both had plans pertaining to trains, and both Jean Bison's and Toothpick's actions result in the loss of the team van. And like the Mask of Dark Earth, both involve some method of growing in size and the Cooper Gang had missions involving mines that needed to be completed if the two of them were to be defeated.

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