A alternate version of Bella that is a full cartoon and completely mad. He calls himself the self proclaimed 'toon with the most' and a mad prankster this side of the cartoon universe, he is 'voiced' by Alan Tuydk when calm (mimicing King Candy/Turbos voice but with out the lisp), but when mad or in his altered form or he looses his skin his voice changes to mimic Oogie Boogies.


Normal Form: His normal form is like a male version of Bella, he posses short brown blonde hair, except wild and messy, yellow eyes with red pupils with one eye bigger then the other (mimicing Discords eyes), a sharp tooth that pokes out from his mouth and covered in stich like marks all over his body. His normal outfit comprises of a ink sained black and green school boys uniform with rips in a few places and mishmashed shoes, one being a untied tennis shoe, with a black and whtie stripped sock the other a sandle with no sock revealing sharp toe nails.

Monsterous Form: he becomes thinner and taller (bout as tall as Nnotora from Bleach) as his teeth and nails get sharper and spouts metal wings on his back (lacking any skin on it), as his stich marks open revealing them to be mouths) and his hair becomes longer and more wild and coverd in ink.

Underneeth his skin, its just ink, metal parts and gears that resembles a Arnold Swarzinator Terminator, but loosly put together controled by a Cy-bug that is as big as Oogies brain bug.


Toonjuice comes from a alternate reality where real live humans and Cartoons live together in peace, Toonjuice is a manifestation of Bellas toon half who is the local trouble maker, a very dangeorus trouble maker whos pranks sended a lot of people to the hospital. He calls himself the toon with the most, however a lot just views him as an annoyance and danger to society.

Toonjuice makes his first appearance when the MCF and RMCF were house sitting Bellas house as well as baby sitting Zoey while Bella and some of her toon freinds were out of town for a shapeshifters conventioion, he was summoned the same way as Beedlejuice when Jessy accidently reads a pome that summons him to there reality, where the first thing he did with his summoning was blow up the roof of the mannor.


Toonjuice personality is a mixture of Beedlejuice and Oogieboogies, he loves to cause damage and mischive to both toons and humans, and like Oogie, he dosent care who gets hurt so long as he gets to have fun. He also has a bit of a short temper, and tends to partway transform to his real monster form when roayally mad. And much like Oogie, he loves to gamble, that his lair resembles a large casino royel.


Shapeshifting abiltiys: Much like Beetlejuice, he can shapehift into a varity of items or creatures, even able to strech his face and arms, and due to being a manifestation of Bellas toon powers, can also turn into members of the hyna squad, however covered in black stich marks.

Chara Chibi cursing: a powerful curse/spell that only Toonjuie can use only twice every 3 months, its a curse spell that turns up to two people into a chara chibi, compleate with being able to character change, and unfortunally invisable to all but a select few (Izzy being one of those select few). Out of how many times he used the curse, he only used it six times; on Turbo (he and King Candy are seperate in Toonjuce and Izzys Reality), Izzys adoptive Uncle King Candy, Pitch Black, Braracade, Lord Shen, and Izzys boyfreind Eric (The Phantom of the Opera).

Minor Reality warping: he can change a person physically, by usually changing there hair color or cloths or giving them a bad hair cuts or making them ugly ecdra.


  • Much like Oogie, Toonjuice is a sore loser which was why he turned Turbo into a Chibi chara when he lost against him, and even cheats in his gambling games.


MCF and RMCF Meet Toonjuice (Debt)

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