Tommy Turnbull is the deuragonist of Robotboy. He is Professor Mashimo's fan and is average boy at his school whose only friends are Lola(his later girlfriend) and Gus. He is smart, responsible, sensitive, likable and acts as a mentor to Robotboy. Tommy tries to teach Robotboy the ways of the world though his eyes. He is the younger son of Debbie Turnbull and Dwight Turnbull, and the little brother of Donnie Turnbull. He is the unofficial leader of the team. He has blonde hair, a white shirt with a stripe on it, blue pants and white shoes. He is voiced by Lorriane Pilkington.

Bio Edit

Being Professor Mashimo's fan, Tommy was assigned by him to take care of Robotboy and make sure he doesn't let him fall into the wrong hands. From time to time, this can be a slip-up, but he teaches Robotboy all about life and what it is to be human.

MCF Stories Edit

Tommy appears a lot in the MCF series, but in JLXMB: Hollywood Babylon, he joins the JLXMB and becomes their student after helping them in a case and saving them.

Trivia Edit

  • The truly main reason why Tommy got to be the keeper for Robotboy is unknown but it is believed that it is for being Professor Moshimo's Number 1 biggest fan of him or could have been chosen randomly coincidentally.
  • Along with Robotboy, Tommy has appeared on all the episodes of the series.
  • Tommy is the only boy in his family where his name does not start with the letter "D".
  • Tommy gets frustrated whenever someone calls Lola his girlfriend, very much like in 'Chowder', when Chowder keeps telling Panini that he's not her boyfriend.
  • Donnie can get on Tommy's nerves as shown in Up a Tree
  • His appearance is based on Mac from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends because of his square shaped head and has a nasty big brother like Mac's big brother Terrence.
  • Tommy was the first character apart from Professor Moshimo to have mistakenly called Gus "Goose".
  • Tommy Turnbull's name maybe a reference/homage to Timmy Turner from The Fairly OddParents.
  • Tommy has been able to meet his idol The Human Fist twice
  • Tommy is the first student of the JLXMB; the other is Bart Simpson.
    • He is the first JLXMB member not to have a LXMB teacher, but joins them as the JLXMB are his teachers.

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