To Be Free, from Aladdin, a musical spectacular02:30

To Be Free, from Aladdin, a musical spectacular


To Be Free is a song in "Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular". It is sung by Jasmine before A Whole New World as she longs to be free of the palace and see the world. It is going to be used in "MCF: Welcome to Tiny Toons" where Raina expresses her desire to leave Ever After High.


Lucky bird inside a gilded cage

Golden words spoke by an ancient sage

Everything you may have in life

Still all you hold is dust

Must I yearn forever to be free

Free to climb a tree and ponder

Free to wander

There's no desire I hold fonder

Than to be Simply me

To be free

How ungrateful is this lucky bird

Spurning privilege for one simple word

Freedom to stretch these golden wings

Freedom to touch the sky

Why, some would ask

Would she want to be

Free to throw away a treasure

Poor with pleasure

I'd sacrifice riches beyond measure

Just a girl

With a boy

What a perfect fantasy

To find love

To feel joy

To be really free


  • This is Detective88's favorite song from the musical spectacular of "Aladdin".


  • Jasmine(Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular)
  • Raina(MCF: Welcome to Tiny Toons)

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