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Tika is a character on "The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald". She is one of Ronald's human friends who first appears in "Scared Silly". She only appears in the former and "Birthday World." She is an African American girl with purple hair, glasses, purple lipstick and jacket, blue pants, white shoes and a striped shirt. She is voiced by Jazmine A. Corana.


In her debut movie, she tells Ronald that she's ready to go camping with Ronald and the gang. Along the way, she tells the story of the Fargon Phantom which scares Grimmace. TIka wanted to play a game with Ronald and the gang, but couldn't. When a storm hits, they enter a haunted house where each of their friends disappear one by one and a floating head starts giving them riddles as each are trapped. The floating head reveals itself to be a program by a kid named Franklin. He gives Tika a riddle, "What is it the more you take away from it the bigger it gets?" Tika answers incorrectly and is sent down a hole(which happens to be the correct answer). It is revealed that Franklin has TIka, the Fry Kids, Birdie, Hamburglar and the Nuggets safe in his lab ready to see to do what Ronald after he solved his riddle, but Ronald and his own father catch him in the act. TIka apologizes for playing a part in Franklin's game and she joins Ronald and the gang in camping, this time, bringing Franklin along.

In Birthday World, she is invited to celebrate Ronald's birthday, but is turned into an infants by one of Professor Thaddeus Pinchworm's rides. A toy from one of the gang plugged into a lazer ray turns them back to normal.

In "MCF: Families Reunited at Last" the episode "Switched Minds", she switches minds with Daxter, much to the osellot's chargin.


  • MCF: Families Reunited At Last (debut; episode "Switched Minds"


  • Franklin may have a crush on her in the series.
  • She is the first human friend Ronald have besides Hamburglar.

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