Thurman is an alien from the Planet Zedelbrock 475. He's a yellow
and orange slug like alien with three eyes, four arms and cecreates slime from his body. And it was he who invinted the internet and touch screen technology while he was a prisoner to Shanker on Earth in Area 51 until he was rescued and escaped. He is voiced by George Lopez.


Thurman is one of the sapient spacefaring species native to Zaddlebrok-475. They are identified as one of the 106 races that have sent representatives for peaceful contact to "the Dark Planet" which never returned, due to being captured and held captive in Area 51. They are shown to survive on Earth's environmental conditions with no problems.

His first MCF apperance is in the MCF spin-off My Two Tiny Angels, episode "To Glitch or not to Glitch" where he ran away from his own game, with Baloo and Gusto, because it was new and nobody treated him or his friends fairly, namely him because he cereated slime. He ends up in "Horseland Ranch Rush" where he befriended and bonded with a "Glitch" named Molly Washington and her horse Calypso.


  • My Two Tiny Angels(Debut; episode: To Glitch or Not to Glitch)


  • He is the second George Lopez voiced character; the first was Rafael in Rio.

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