White Rabbit

The White Rabbit is a character from "Alice in Wonderland(1951)" He is a timid character who always wants everything to go punctually. He is a white rabbit(hence his name) with pink eyes, glasses, a yellow shirt with a black tie, red coat, lavender pants and carries an umbrella and a pocket watch. When he worked for "The Queen of Hearts, he wore a collar, and a smock with a heart on it with a blue shirt. He is voiced by Bill Thompson, then Corey Burton and Jeff Bennett. 


The White Rabbit appears and he says that he's late for a very important date. He runs to the Rabbit Hole which leads Alice into Wonderland. He becoems a central piece in teh story as Alice journeys through Wonderland to know where he's heading off to. he later appears as he calls for "Mary Ann" and mistakenly calls Alice that and tells her to get gloves. As she does, she eats a cookie and grows to be big enough to be stuck in his house. The White Rabbit sends the dodo to get rid of the "monster", but the Dodo sends Bill the Lizard...big failiure. When he hears that they'll burn the house down, he objects to it. He also objects to Alice eating a carrot, which was going to make her shrink. When she does shrink, he realizes he's late and goes on his way. He later appears at the Unbirthday party where the Mad Hatter and March Hare, unknowingly destroy his watch, which happened to be an unbirthday present. It is revealed that he was the Queen of Hearts' page and would always call the announcements. He then disappears as he is in a dream Alice had all this time. 

In the MCF stories, he owns a clock store in Cartoon Town and one of his biggest worries is if his clocks get broken.


  • MCF and the Parent Case(Debut; minor appearence)
  • MCF: Protectors of Earth(minor appearence)