Warden Megamind

The Warden is the no-nonsense chief authority of the Metro City Prison For The Criminally Gifted, having effectively raised (or rather, let the prisoners raise) Megamind. He is always willing to lock up the criminal and usually doesn't seem to believe in him. However in the end, he gives his vote to Megamind as he (with Minion's help) 'escapes' to save Roxanne and the city. Warden has blue eyes and used to have brown hair and a brown mustache, but turned grey with age. He is voiced by J.K. Simmons

Bio Edit

Warden first appeared when he went to stop the prison break that a toddler Megamind caused and just in time to prevent him from escaping. A few years later, Warden was able to get him to attend a school for gifted children to get him to socialize with other children but failed miserably, mainly thanks to another alien boy who also attended the school and bullied young Megamind. According to the newspapers seen after Megamind was being carted off to prison, the Warden showed no empathy towards Megamind and looked down to him because of his appareance.

The day of Megamind and Metro Man's last battle, The Warden (unwittingly) played an important role in Megamind's escape by keeping Megamind's holo-watch. Believing it to be an ordinary watch given to Megamind by Metro Man, the holo-watch recorded the Warden's appearance and disguised him as Megamind. Two guards, believing that Megamind had escaped, tazed and dragged him to Megamind's cell and while the Warden was being cuffed to the cell's chair, the real Megamind snatched his watch back and escaped disguised as the Warden, leaving the real Warden locked in his cell.

The Warden, as well as the guards who also were trapped with him, witnessed Megamind and Metro Man's battle, as well as the latter's apparent death, much to their dismay. When Megamind turns himself in to the prison, Warden handcuffs him and is later seen wishing good luck to Megamind and Minion when they go to save Roxanne and the city from Tighten.

The Warden is seen again at the end of the movie, dancing with two guards as they watch, amused, Hal dancing in Megamind's old cell.

MCF Stories Edit

In the MCF series, he is one of the head wardens in Cartoon Town Asylum(the main jail for many of the villains) in the MCF series. At times, he constantly has to worry about the girls since they are teenagers who solve crimes, but nevertheless is there to lock up the villains they stop. He and Matron Mama Morton are the main head wardens in the series.

Appearances Edit

  • MCF and the Murder Mystery(Debut; possibly)

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