The Three Caballeros is the title song of the movie of the same name. It is performed by Donald, Jose
Three Caballeros04:22

Three Caballeros

and Panchito after they meet Panchito and the three form this group and friendship.


We're three caballeros
Three *happy* caballeros
They say we are birds of a feather
We're happy amigos
No matter where he goes
The one, two, and three goes
We're always together

We're three happy chappies
With snappy serapes
You'll find us beneath our sombreros
We're brave and we'll stay so
We're bright as a peso
Who says so? We say so!
The three caballeros

We have the stars to guide us
Guitars here beside us
To play as we go
We sing and we samba
We shout 'ay, caramba!
What means ay, caramba?
Oh yes, I don't know

Through fair and stormy weather
We stand close together
Like books on a shelf
As pals though we may be
When some Latin baby
Says yes, no, or maybe
Each man is for himself!

Jalisco no te rajes
Me sale del alma
Gritar con color
Abrir todo le pecho
Pa echar este grito
Qué lindo es Jalisco
Palabra de honor


  • Panchito, Donald and Jose(The Three Caballeros)
  • Panchito, Donald, Jose and MCF(MCF and the Caballero Mystery)

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