The Stone Queen-For Daisy

The Stone Queen in her MCF debut.


The Stone Queen is an OC by DisneyGal1234 who is the main antagonist of the MCF story "Daisy and the Stone Queen", she has the power to transform anyone and anything into stone. She has grey/white skin and black hair, a black cape and a white dress. She is voiced by Helena Bonham Carter.


The Stone Queen first appears when she transforms Princess Sofia and her stepsiblings Princess Amber and Prince James to stone. Daisy and her biological parents Howl and Sophie enter Enchantica and use these flowers to turn the princesses and prince back to normal. AS revenge, she turns Daisy to stone. Howl, Sophie along with Sofia, Amber, James and their parents, King Roland and Queen Miranda transform her back to normal, making the Stone Queen reveal herself. The reason why she is doing this is beause she has a secret crush on Roland and wanted him for herself if Miranda hadn't gotten in the way. She is then turned to stone by Daisy reflecting her laser with a mirror.


  • Her defeat is simular to Discord's but her backstory is simular to Mrs. Lovett's.
  • It is unknown if she'll ever return.


  • MCF: Daisy and the Stone Queen(debut; only appearence)

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