The Road So Far is a song featured in the episode Fan Fiction where it opens up the musical and is sung by

Supernatural - Musical Scene - The Road So Far01:50

Supernatural - Musical Scene - The Road So Far

the actress that plays Dean sung to Tricia and the audience explaining the events in the pilot.

Original Lyrics Edit

John and Mary,

husband and wife, 

bringing home a brand new life.

His name is Sammy;

I’m big brother Dean.

The perfect family, 

or so it seemed. 

The demon’s visits had begun.

It believed Sam was the chosen one.

It burned my mother

and it cursed my brother,

leaving us in tears. 

On the road so far,

Yeah the road so far, 

We are in Dad's car. 

On the road so far. 

Dad was driven, no turning back.

He wouldn't stop without the payback. 

He trained us both to 

track and hunt and kill. 

He took away our own free will. 

So that's where we are 

on the road so far. 

Saving people, hunting things. 

Family business, back in swing. 

Driving down the road so far. 

Singers Edit

  • Sibohan (Fan Fiction, MCF: Fan Fiction)

Trivia Edit

  • This song references the events of the pilot episode and the title is a reference to the Road So Far segments of every season

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