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The money cat02:17

The money cat

The Money Cat' is a song from Gay Purree, sung by the movie's villain Meowrice and his minions, the Shadow Cats, about his plans to make Mewsette a mail-order bride. It is also used in MCF: The Pets Takes it All.


Meowrice: When preacher can't preach you

And teacher can't teach you

When angels can't reach you

Shadow cats: The money cat can

Meowrice: We give social status T

o countrified tomatoes

Shadow cats: If you want kicks

And class and clothes

Money cat knows where the money tree grows

Meowrice: Beauticians will sleek you

Shadow cats: Fashion cats chic you

Aristocrats seek you

Man Man Man Man Man Man

Meowrice: And should that dream of glory

Be part of your plan

Shadow cats: If anyone can help you

The money cat can

Money cat knows where the money tree grows

Mingle with the right folk

Meet the bottle poppers

Rub elbow with the elite

And the big name-droppers

If you got your heart set

On moochin' with the smart set

Meowrice: Money cat knows

Where the money tree grows

Shadow cats: Get your picture painted

On the magazine cover

You can have a palace

With the world your lover

Money cat can buy up

Anyone who's high up

Shadow cats and Meowrice:We've got dicks and politics and law In the palm of our paw

The gendarmes may nail you

The lawyers may bail you

The judges may jail you


Meowrice: So why be a flopola

With egg on your pan Shadow cats:

If anyone can save you, The money cat can


  • Meowrice and his minions, the Shadow Cats (Gay Purr-ee; MCF: The Pets Takes it All)

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