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The Meek Shall Inherit

The Meek Shall Inherit is a song from the 1986 film and musical. However, the song has been cut off and reduced in the 1986 film. The song's purpose is of Seymour getting guilt and worrying that he is only getting fame and fortune from Audrey II, who is a hungry plant that wants blood. It is sung by Seymour,several agents, and the chorus girls Crystal, Ronette, and Chiffon. The rest of the song was cut from the final version, but it was included on the movie's soundtrack.

Lyrics Edit

Agent 1: Seymour Krelbourn, so finally we meet you! This is an occasion! Let's toast it! Up yours! Relax!

Agent 2: Canape? 

Agent 3: Cigarette?

Agent 1: Let's talk turkey. Sign here and we'll book you on lecturing tours!

Life Magazine Lady: Yes, darling, we're sending photographers Thursday - So get the plant ready and wear a clean shirt. Just sign the release.

Assistant: Need a pen? 

Life Magazine Lady: Aren't you thrilled?! It's the cover of Life magazine!

Assistant: Dessert?

Agents 4. 5. 6: I'm telling you son, it's a cinch to get ratings! The title is Marvin's. The concept is mine! The first weekly gardening show on a network and you're gonna host it, you lucky kid, sign!!

[CRYSTAL, RONETTE, CHIFFON]  They say the meek shall inherit - You know the book doesn't lie - It's not a question of merit - It's not demand and supply - They say the meek gonna get it

[LIMO DRIVER]  And your a meek little guy!

[CRYSTAL, RONETTE, CHIFFON]  You know the meek are gonna get what's comin' to 'em by and by ~

[SEYMOUR] My future's starting - I've got to let it - Stick with that plant, and gee, my bank account will thrive - What am I saying? No way! Forget it! It's much too dangerous to keep that plant alive!

I take these offers, that means more killing - Who knew success would come with messy, nasty strings? I sign these contracts, that means I'm willing to keep on doing bloody, awful, evil things!

No! No! There's only so far you can bend! No! No! This nightmare must come to an end!  No! No! You've got no alternative, Seymour old boy - Though it means you'll be broke again and unemployed, It's the only solution - It can't be avoided - The vegetable must be destroyed!

But then there's Audrey, lovely Audrey. If life were tawdry and impovrished as before, s he might not like me, she might not want me - Without my plant, she might not love me anymore.

[CRYSTAL, RONETTE, CHIFFON] They say the meek shall inherit

[SEYMOUR] Where do I sign?

[CRYSTAL, RONETTE, CHIFFON] You know the book doesn't lie

[AGENT 1] Right on the line.

[CRYSTAL, RONETTE, CHIFFON] It's not a question of merit

[LIFE MAGAZINE LADY] Your pen or mine?  

[CRYSTAL, RONETTE, CHIFFON] It's not demand and supply

[AGENT 4] Paragraph nine!

[CRYSTAL, RONETTE, CHIFFON] You'll make a fortune, we swear it, 

[AGENT 1, LIFE MAGAZINE LADY, AGENT 4] Couldn't go wrong!

[CRYSTAL, RONETTE, CHIFFON] If on this fact you rely

[AGENT 1, LIFE MAGAZINE LADY, AGENT 4]  Bye bye! So long!   

[CRYSTAL, RONETTE, CHIFFON]  You know the meek are gonna get what's comin' to 'em, you know the meek are gonna get what's comin' to 'em, you know the meek are gonna get what's comin' to 'em by and by.

Singers Edit

  • Seymour(in extended version), Agents, Crystal, Ronette and Chiffon(Little Shop of Horrors)
  • Crystal, Ronette, Chiffon and MCF(MCF: Little Shop of Horrors)
  • Junior and MCF(MCF: Another Little Shop of Horrors)

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