The Lorax is the main character, despite only appearing in a few scenes in "The Lorax 2012." He is a small orange creature with green eyes and a yellow bushy eyebrow and mustache. He speaks for the Trees of the Truffula forest as he claims and he is determined to fight for his world. He is voiced by Danny DeVito. 


The Lorax first appears introducing the story in the movie. He then appears in the the Once-Ler's story. He appears after the Once-Ler chops the first Truffula tree for his Thneed. He tells him to leave, but Once-ler refuses to budge. He has his animal friends stal his bed and drift him down the river. He notices one of the Barbaloots, Pipsqueak still on teh bed and decides to save him(and the Once-ler) before the bed reaches a waterfall. He makes Once-ler promise not to chop the trees down. The Lorax and his animals sleep by the Once-ler's house and when Once-ler's thneed proves to be successful, the Lorax is shocked. What really shocks him is that the Once-ler's family comes by to help with the buisness and convince him to chop the trees, the Lorax is shocked. He tries to talk the Once-ler into stopping this, but the Once-ler tells him off...until the last Truffula tree is chopped. Hurt and betrayed, the Lorax and his animal friends leave the Truffula forest leaving the Once-ler to remorse. When Ted plants the Truffula seed resulting in more growing Truffula trees, the Lorax returns and thanks the Once-ler for finding someone who cares.

In the Mystery Case Files: the Fanfiction episode "The Golem Robot Terror", he rules the newly restored Truffula forest, but he teams up with the MCF to find Ted, Audrey, the Once-ler and the animals and save them from a golem robot. They were saved and the Lorax is grateful. 


  • The Lorax is the second hero voiced by Danny Devito. The other was Phil in "Hercules".
  • He may return for a future MCF story. 


  • Mystery Case Files: the Fanfiction(Debut; episode: The Golem Robot Terror)

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