The Little Match Girl

The Little Matchgirl is a character in the Disney short based on the Hans Christian Anderson story of the same name. She is a poor little girl about 8 to 11 years wold who is an orphan ready to sell matches and survive the cold. She has black hair underneath a brown cloak, a grey dress with brown boots. In the MCF stories, she is voiced by Tara Strong.


The Little Matchgirl is in town in an unknown village in Russia, selling matches, but no one wants to buy them. She watches a family leave a store for Christmas and is disheardened as she has no family. She goes to an alley to get herself warm and uses her matches to concuct visions of her warming by a stove, enjoying  a Christmas dinner and heading to her grandmother(the only family member she had before she became a orphan). She uses the last of her matches to have her warm but also concuct a vision of her and her grandmother enjoying Christmas. This goes to black as it showed that the Little Matchgirl died in the cold. However, she is taken by her grandmother to the better world.

She makes small cameo appearences in "MCF: Protectors of Earth" first as one of the people the MCF, Mordecai, Rigby, Bartok, Wander and Sylvia help out in which they give her a doll and a warm home. She makes another cameo noticing the rumbling meaning Hater's invasion of Earth, then as one of the guests at the MCF's ball at the HQ. 
Matchgirl-12-lg (1)

The Little Matchgirl with her grandmother


  • Based on her design, she resembles a younger version of Mulan.
  • Unlike the Disney versions of "The Little Mermaid" and "The Steadfast Tin Soldier", which got happy endings, the Little MatchGirl's story kept the bittersweet ending.
  • In the MCF stories, she is resurrected and lives in Cartoon Town, but is given a nice warm home by the MCF and their assistants in "MCF: Protectors of Earth"
  • It is possible that she may become a member of the RMCF and will be given an name.


  • MCF: Protectors of Earth(debut; cameo)

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