Lion King Timon and Pumbaa Hula Dance00:34

Lion King Timon and Pumbaa Hula Dance


The Hula song is a song from "The Lion King." It is sung by Timon and Pumbaa and it was used as a distraction for the hyenas after Timon commented "What do you want me to do? Dress in drag and do the hula?" which results in that sequence. In the Broadway show, it was replaced by The Charleston because it was much easier to obtain a top hat and cane rather than a lei and grass skirt.

Movie LyricsEdit

Timon: Luau!
If you're hungry for a hunk of fat and juicy meat
Eat my buddy, Pumbaa, here because he is a treat
Come on down and dine
On this tasty swine
All you gotta do is get in line

Are ya achin' Pumbaa: Yup yup yup Timon: For some bacon Pumbaa: Yup yup yup Timon: He's a big pig Pumbaa: Yup yup Timon: You can be a big pig too, oy!

Broadway LyricsEdit

Six foot two, lots to chew, come and get your warthog stew!

Has anybody seen my pig? (Pumbaa scats wildly)

Purple toes, hold your nose, don't get near him case he blows!

Don't you want a piece of bacon--

How's about a bite of bacon--

Sink your teeth into my pig!

Pumbaa: How 'about them hocks?

Timon/Pumbaa: OINK!

(they run away) WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!

File:The Lion King Broadway - The Charleston (The Hula)


  • Nathan Lane adlibbed the dialogue "What do you want me to do? Dress in Drag and do the hula?" It wasn't in the script, but because it was so funny to the makers, they put it in. They edited it for the Broadway show as "Dress in Drag and do the Charleston?"
  • Detective88 states taht she'll use this song in "MCF and the Cool World" for Nails the Spider to distract Holli's goons so Raina can get the Gem of Hope from Holli who plans to keep it and rule the world as payback for not getting to be real. However, since she likes both teh Hula and the Charleston, she'll have to decide wheither to use the former or the latter.
  • The Charleston lyrics are heavily simular to the song "Six Foot Two, Eyes of Blue(Has Anybody Seen My Girl?)"


  • Timon and Pumbaa(The Lion King; The Lion King 1 1/2(Briefly))
  • Nails the Spider(MCF and the Cool World; depending if teh authoress wants to use the Charleston or the Hula version)

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