The Gangreen Gang

The GangGreen Gang from left to right. Little Arturo, Big Billy, Ace, Grubber and Snake.


The GangGreen Gang are a couple of hoodlums and villains from "The Powerpuff Girls."  They have green skin, disreputable and un-healthy looking(as if suffering from a disease called Gangrene) as stated on their skin. The gang consist of Ace, Little Arturo, Snake, Big Billy and Grubber. Jeff Bennett voices Ace, Grubber and Big Billy, and Tom Kenny voices Little Arturo and Snake.


Ace-The leader and the smartest of the gang. He's 17 years old and he has black hair with white streaks, sunglasses, a white shirt, a blue/orange and purple jacket, black and white shoes and tan pants. He is suave, mean, and disrespectful. He also holds a suave charm that can sweet talk people. His full name is Ace D. Copular. In "Power Lunch", he gains cryokinsis, the power to manipulate ice and snow from eating Slurpees and popsicles while raiding a supermarket. He speaks with a Italian New Yorker accent simular to Joe Pesci. In the Powerpuff Girls Movie and some episodes, he has pointy ears.

Big Billy-The hulking fat cyclops of the group. He wears a green shirt, blue pants, black/white shoes and has red hair covering his eyes. He's called Big Billy because he's taller than the gang, though more enormous. He was once saved by the Powerpuff Girls and tried to be their new friend, but he was a nuisance to them. His real name is William W. Williams and he's a Cyclops. In Power Lunch, he just turned into a rock from eating hard candy at the store they robbed.

Grubber-Grubber, is the grossest slob of the group. He has dirty hair, enormous chin, ragged/grubby clothes which consist of a purple shirt and tan pants,a long tongue hanging out and protruding eyes, resembling a caveman or an Ed "Big Daddy" Roth cartoon. He blws raspberries as a way of communicating which the Gang can understand. Despite this, he manages to speak elouquently, and do unexpected talents and change his voice at any time. He is 15 years old. His full name is Grubber J. Gribberish. In Powerlunch, his power is supersonic belches, from drinking lots of soda and other fizzy drinks.

Little Arturo-The youngest and shortest member of the gang at age 14. He wears a red shirt with a white one underneath, black pants and shoes. A maleviolent Mexican midge with straight hair swept foreward over one eye who looks as if he jumped out of a painting by Picasso. He carries a comb named Maria Conchita Teresa Rosa. His full name is Arturo de la Guerra. In Power Lunch, his superpower is super-speed from drinking coffee.

Snake-A slippery character who has a forked tongue, long pointy noise, pink slitted eyes, black lips, a skinny body, a kangol hat turned backwards, always speaks in a snake-like voice and hiss. He is the Gang's second in command with an opinion he'd like to say, but Ace would punch him in the face. He is 15 years old and he is loyal to Ace. His real name is Sandford D. Ingleberry as stated in "Schoolhouse Rocked." He gains elasity in Power Lunch due to some taffy he ate when they robbed the store.

They are set to appear in "MCF and the Rumor Weed" taking on teh semi-minor role of the Milk Money Bandit, but their meeting with Annie Romanov, Timmy Turner and Molly Davis is simular to Buttercrush before they steal their money. The MCF take them, beat them up and then hand them over to the police.


  • Buttercup once had a crush on Ace in "Buttercrush," but that was temporarily.
  • in "Criss Cross Crisis." their bodies were swapped with teenage girls.
  • Big Billy was the only one to have a soft spot for the Powerpuff Girls.


  • MCF and the Rumor Weed(debut; minor/upcoming)

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