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The Fireside Girls Troop 46231 are Isabella's troops on Phineas and Ferb. They all wear a orange shirt and hat with a sah andnd brown skirt. The main girls are Adyson Sweetwater, GInger Hirano, Katie, Gretchen, Holly and Milly. They help Isabella help Phineas and Ferb and somemetetims tag along on many of their misadventures.


Adyson Sweetwater is the girl who has straight brown hair and wears a sleeveless uniform and a red headband (which is sometimes accidentally colored with her hair's color), and a snarky SENSE OF HUMOR. She appears to be Isabella’s second-in-command, as she takes charge of the group when she isn't around in “Summer Belongs to You!” She also used to hold the record for “Most Patches earned in One Day”, which was 6, until Candace Flynn broke her record with a massive total of 49 patches in “Fireside Girl Jamboree.” In “The Great Indoors”, she is shown to be rather accident-prone. She is named after and based on Jeff “Swampy” Marsh’s granddaughter. She is voiced by Madison Pettis.

Gretchen is the girl who has short brown hair and wears glasses. She appears to be the most intelligent member of the group, often saying things that the rest of the girls do not understand. She is voiced by Ariel Winter.

Katie is the girl with light skin and blonde hair. In “Out to Launch”, she interrupted Isabella while she was trying to ask Phineas to the dance. She is voiced by Isabella Acres.

Holly is the African-American girl with two small buck teeth that sometimes aren’t visible. She, along with Gretchen, got seasick in “The Ballad of Badbeard.” She is voiced by Cymphonique Miller (Seasons 1-3) and Diamond White (Season 4).

Milly is the member with curly brown hair, freckles, and a yellow bow (which is not always completely visible). Her uniform has a red collar and a red circular pattern on the sleeves and the bottom, and wears black SHOES, unlike the other Fireside Girls. She is voiced by Isabella Murad.

Ginger Hirano is the Asian-American member who is the younger sister of Stacy Hirano. She told Phineas that he’d left the lens cap on the camera in “Lights, Candace, Action! and gave the boys a report on the pets’ complaints in “Interview With a Platypus.” It's revealed in “Isabella and the Temple of Sap” that she also has a crush on Baljeet. She is voiced by Tiffany Espensen (Seasons 1-3) and Michela Zee (Season 4).She also has a very special word she loves to say over and over..

They appear in the series as they get patches and help Isabella, PHineas and Ferb have a fun day. hey tag along from time to time and back up for ISabella when they need her.

THey appear witith Isabella in "Mystery Case Files: The Fanfiction" episode "THe ENchanted Garden Mystery" as they team up to save the Flynn-Fletcher family whose home was turneed  to garden home by Jafar who framed Plantara, a fellow villain.

IT is unknown if they will return.


  • Several MORE girls appear alongside the Fireside Girls in "Jerk De Soleil", "De Plane! De Plane!" and "Wizard of Odd" It is unknown if the ones in "Jerk De Soleil" and "WIZARD of Odd" are additional Fireside Girls, but the ones in "De Plane! De Plane!" have been confirmed by Dan Povenmire that they are not, making it a possibility that these other ones aren't as well. However, in "I Was a Middle Aged Robot" two new Fireside Girls were officially seen with their uniforms as well as in "Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension", "Tour de Ferb", "Buford Confidential" and "Ferb TV".
  • Gretchen and Katie are the only Fireside Girls who appear in the Phineas and Ferb Nintendo DS game. However, they all appear in the 2nd Phineas and Ferb video game.
  • Katie and Ginger Hirano make an early cameo appearance in "Rollercoaster" in a crowd shot during the unveiling of the coaster. However, in this scene, they don't have a beret making them the 1st Fireside Girls besides Isabella shown with a full head of hair. Holly (in an error) is the third one. ("It's About Time!")
  • The gag that the Fireside Girls Handbook has information on such a wide range of subjects is a tribute to the Junior Woodchucks Guidebook. The Junior Woodchucks is the youth group in the Donald Duck stories by Carl Barks, and its most notable members are Donald Duck's nephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie.
  • Heinz Doofenshmirtz made some invention to turn the Fireside Girls invisible because he did not want to have to see them during their fund-raising activities (since they were too cute looking, and their "big pleading eyes" made him feel guilty), but it was not used on them ("Don't Even Blink") and also to destroy the Fireside Girls Cupcake Factory because he has an addiction to the Fireside Girl Cupcakes. ("Fireside Girl Jamboree")
  • The Fireside Girls have a theme song, named after them - "Fireside Girls". ("Isabella and the Temple of Sap")
  • Candace was able to join the Fireside Girls by earning 50 patches in a single day.("Fireside Girl Jamboree")
  • Each Fireside Girl has at least 50 "Help Thy Neighbor" Patches, with each one earned by participating in one of Phineas andFerb's Big Ideas.
  • Milly, Katie and Gretchen are the only Fireside Girls who appeared in "Phineas and Ferb: The Best LIVE Tour Ever!"
  • The organizations name appears to be an amalgamation of Camp Fire USA and the Girl Scouts.
  • They frequently sell cupcakes around Danville. The cupcakes usually come in log shaped boxes. ("Don't Even Blink" and "Fireside Girl Jamboree"), and there is a patch available for mass delivery (but there is no information available on it).
  • Usually, when the Fireside Girls appear in an episode, a jingle plays which is possibly a variation of Scotland the Brave.
  • So far, there are a 8 episodes showing the Fireside Girls (excluding Brigitte) not in their Fireside Girls uniforms. ("Put That Putter Away", "The Ballad of Badbeard, "De Plane! De Plane!", Jerk De Soleil", "Candace's Big Day", "Robot Rodeo", "Wizard of Odd", "The Great Indoors, "A Phineas and Ferb Family Christmas") However, they have not been seen in standard clothing.
  • Candace Flynn is the only Fireside Girl who wears a brown beret instead of an orange one like the others do. This is possibly due to that if she wore an orange beret, it would just blend in with her orange hair, although it could also mean that only full members of the Fireside Girls can wear the orange beret, and that the brown beret denoted her probationary status. It is also possible that Candace CHOOSE the color herself.
  • Error: In "Isabella and the Temple of Sap", Isabella mistakenly lists the TROOP number as 46321 instead of 46231.
  • Their motto is: "Fireside Girls are always prepared." This was said by Isabella in "No More Bunny Business", and was mentioned in the "Speed Demons" book. It's based on the motto of both the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, which is "Be Prepared."
  • There is a teenage Fireside Girl behind Candace at the Paisley Sideburn Brothers concert in "Fireside Girl Jamboree." She appears only in the last few seconds before the show ends. Her face is hidden, but her uniform and short brown hair is visible.
  • In "The Beak", they give out newspapers throughout Danville called "Fireside Girls Gazette".
  • Ginger Hirano and Milly are the only Fireside Girls who appear in "Transport-inators of Doooom!".
  • In "We Call it Maze", "Lil' Sparks" is a sub-organization that help young girls to become Fireside girls as well as their own magazine, and Isabella was once a lil' spark. This is similar to Camp Fire USA's "Little Stars" PROGRAM that helps young kids become Camp Fire Boys/Girls.
  • On June 22, 2010, the makers of Phineas and Ferb revealed that they wish to make a spin-off series about Isabella and the Fireside Girls. Whether this show will happen is still unconfirmed as of late 2011. However, with the show's rising popularity, this spin-off could be made after Phineas and Ferb ends its run sometime after 2014.
  • Gretchen shares the same name and PERSONALITY traits as another Disney TV character, Gretchen Grundler from the One Saturday Morning show Recess. Both are girls around nine years old, have reddish-brown hair, wear glasses, and are also very smart and friendly.
  • As of July 2011, Holly and the unnamed brunette are the only Fireside Girls to have made appearances at any of the Disney theme parks; they appeared for Phineas and Ferb's Rockin' Rollin' Dance Party at Disney California Adventure.
  • A online game, Robot Riot!, based from Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension, has all the Fireside Girls be playable characters, with the exception of Adyson Sweetwater, making it the first time in an online Phineas and Ferb game that they become playable characters. Adyson Sweetwater is seen in Isabella's Fireside Music Challenge, though non-playble.
  • In "Ferb TV", the commercial states that the organization gives extra credit for middle schools.
  • In "Buford Confidential", two new Fireside Girls show up that are from France, showing that there are TROOPS worldwide, not just in Danville. Their names are Josette and Colette.
  • Phineas and Ferb's Rockin' Rollin' Dance Party at Disney California Adventure features a troupe of female dancers that wear Fireside Girls uniforms and help out assisting kids teaching them the dances in the show.
  • "Bee Story" reveals that they only get two chances to get a patch.
  • The girls' voices are noticeably deeper as of season 4, also Ginger's and Holly's voices were changed as well.


  • Mystery Case Files: The Fanfiction(Debut; episode; The Ennchanted Garden Mystery)

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