Fairy Godmotehr

The Fairy Godmother is a character from Cinderella. She is Cinderella's titular godmother who is able to turn a pumpkin to a coach, mice to horses, Major(Cinderella's horse) to a coachman and Bruno(Cinderella's dog) into a footman. She is also a mother figure to Cinderella since Cinderella goes to her for guidance. She has a blue cloak, white hair and has a red shirt; she is 'voiced' by Verna Felton, then Russi Taylor.


In the first movie after her wicked stepsisters cruelly destroy the dress she plans on wearing to the ball, Cinderella runs out to the backyard of her stepmother Lady Tremaine's chateau. There, she breaks down in sorrow as she has no way of getting to the ball, beginning to lose her faith in dreams. However, her faith is still strong enough to summon her Fairy Godmother. Fairy Godmother explains that she has arrived to help Cinderella in her time of distress. To get her to the ball, she transforms an ordinary pumpkin into a carriage, and four of Cinderella's mice friends into horses for the carriage. She attempts to turn Lucifer into something, but he flees, and it is unknown what he would have transformed into, or if he managed to dodge it.

She then turns Cinderella's horse, Major, into a coachman, and her dogBruno into a footman. Finally, after Cinderella points out her tattered gown, Fairy Godmother bestows a beautiful white dress upon Cinderella, complete with two enchanted glass slippers that only Cinderella can wear. Before she departs, the Fairy Godmother gives Cinderella a word of caution: at the stroke of twelve, the spell will be broken, and everything will return to normal. Grateful for the gifts anyway, Cinderella thanks her Fairy Godmother, and happily rides off to the ball as Fairy Godmother bids her farewell.

In the second installment of the Cinderella series, Cinderella II: Dreams Come True, the Fairy Godmother is shown at the very beginning telling the story of Cinderella to the mice. Jaq, Gus, and the other mice then decide to create a storybook of their own, reflecting on various events that occurred since they first arrived at the castle.

The Fairy Godmother happily assists the mice in creating the book and actually appears in the second story: Tall Tail. Here, Jaq desperately wants to help Cinderella with her daily duties around the castle, but because of his small size, he cannot. Soon enough, Fairy Godmother appears and offers to help Jaq by turning him into a human--Sir Hugh--which he accepts. However, he causes more trouble as a human than he ever did as a mouse.

In the end of the segment, Fairy Godmother returns again, changing Jaq back into a mouse. Though he learns a great lesson from his human adventure, Jaq apparently grows a disliking of magic. In the end of the film, Fairy Godmother helps the mice take their completed book to Cinderella who gladly reads her new book together with the mice.

In the third installment of the Cinderella film series, Cinderella and Prince Charming are celebrating an entire year together filled with magic and romance. Unfortunately, during the festivities, the Fairy Godmother accidentally loses her wand, which falls into the hands of Anastasia, one of Cinderella's stepsisters. Anastasia quickly takes it to her mother and sister Drizella.

As she witnesses Fairy Godmother's magic doings with the wand, she tries to convince her mother and sister that it is magic. Lady Tremaine and Drizella find the conversation to be absurd until Fairy Godmother arrives, requesting the return of her wand. Anastasia fights her back, accidentally turning their cat Lucifer, into a half goose, half cat hybrid. The astonishing sight convinces Tremaine, and Anastasia accidentally transforms the distracted Fairy Godmother into a stone statue.

With the magic of the wand in her hands, and no one to stop her, Lady Tremaine alters time and history, so that Anastasia was the one to fit the slipper. Fortunately, Cinderella, Jaq and Gus catch on, battle against Lady Tremaine for the wand, and restore the Fairy Godmother. Before the film closes, Fairy Godmother asks if Cinderella and Prince Charming would like to return to their normal lives, but the couple seem happy enough as it is.

MCF Stories

She appears in "MCF: Blood at the Ball" where she makes Raina, Tracy and Jessy look like royalty for a brief while so they can enter Cinderella's castle so they can investigate the murders happening in the kingdom.


  • MCF: Blood at the Ball(Debut)


  • Despite not being the lead character, and only appearing in one scene in the original film, Fairy Godmother is one of the most recognizable Disney characters, as well as being the most famous and the most popular character in the Cinderella series (after Cinderella herself).
  • She and Maleficent are the only fairies in the Disney Universe to not have wings. However, only she and the Blue Fairy retain their size during their films as Maleficent grows into a dragon and Flora, Fauna and Merryweathershrink in size to that of Tinker Bell and other Never Land fairies.
  • It is possible that she is a teacher to the Original MCF long ago. This has yet to be confirmed.

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