The Chief of La Tessero is an OC created by Detective88 for the mystery "Key to the Path". He is the ruler of La Tessero is very good in magic. The Chief has pale skin, short black hair and he wears a black robe, a blue garmonts and a crown on his head. He is voiced by David Odgen Steirs.


The Chief appears along with Shazenka greeting the girls and their friends when they enter La Tessero. He like the natives believe that Raina and Jessy are goddesses and offer them whatever their heart desires, unaware that they're just here to get a few treasure as souveniers. More will be revealed soon.


  • The Chief was inpired by Chief Tannibock from "The Road to El Dorado", and the King from Atlantis.
  • The Chief's name isn't revealed in the story
  • He shares a bond with Jessy as a father figure to her.


  • MCF: Key to the Path(upcoming/debut)