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The Cat with Ellen (In Viola's body)

 The Cat is a character from 'The Witch's House' and is used for the player to save where they're at. He normally sayes 'yo' when the player goes up to him.


The Cat is a black, unnamed talking cat whom 'Viola' talks to in order to save the game. If the game is completed without talking to him, you get a secret third ending. It seems that the cat was actually a demon who granted Ellen her power. This can be found out by looking through the books and several other hints. In one of the endings a body of a black cat can be found lying outside the door.


There's a secret ending, in which you get more information, actually you discover at the end that the cat is possessed by a demon, who had a pact with Ellen. The witch had power in change of souls.


The Cat is set to appear alongside Ellen in the upcoming fanfic 'MCF: Daxter and the Little Girls'. His role is not known clearly through  it is known at he will be a villain.


  • In MCF: Daxter and the Little Girls, 'The Cat' is the only real animal like character appearing who is a villain. Daxter (An elf turned into an otto), Breezie (A rabbit like fairy), and Kero (A bear like creature) are all animals creatures but are going to be heroes.
  • Through appearing as a cat, 'The Cat' is really a demon using the body of a died cat to move around.


  • MCF: Daxter and the Little Girls (Debut) (Coming soon)

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