A ancient Text that is under the protection of thegeneralhyna AKA Arabella Hyna kelly, it is a ancient text that tells the history of the gems of pure light and Darkness, explains the gems powes and role in the universe and finally, shows the guardian line and reveals the current guardian of the gems of pure light and darkness and tells the history of the Templar knights of the Twilight, the protectors of the guardians of the gems of pure light and darkness.


Its size is about as big as a phone book and as thick as one, its cover depics a half and half heart shaped gem, one half of the cover is ebony white with the heart half a bright yellow as the sun with a angel wing, with the other side ebony black and the other half as red as blood with a bat wing.


The entire history of its creation is a mystery as according to Bella, she belives it was created at the same time as the gems of pure light and darkness, and has existed since then.

Information from the bookEdit


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