The Beast

The Beast(Prince Adam) in his beast form

The Beast or Prince Adam(in his human form) is one of the main protagonists of "Beauty and the Beast." He is Belle's love-interest and then husband. He is kind, gentle and protecting toward Belle, but before that, he was agressive and couldn't control his temper which was the reason for his curse until he could love someone and earn her love in return. In his beast form Beast has brown fur and he has the tail of a wolf, body of a bear, tusks of a warthog, a lion's mane and snout and wolf's legs and he would wear either grey pants and a purple cape or blue pants with a yellow stripe, a white shirt with a yellow vest and a blue coat. As a human, he has chestnut brown hair and wears a white shirt with tan pants and shoes. He is voiced by Robby Benson.


When he was 11 years old, Prince Adam was spoiled, selfish and unkind even though he had everything he ever wanted. On Christmas Eve, an old beggar woman offered him a single rose in return for shelter from the bitter cold. Adam, disgusted by her appearence, sneered at the gift and turned the old woman away. She warned him not to decieve people by appearence for beauty is found within. He dismissed her again and the old woman revealed herself to be an enchantress who saw that the prince had no love in his heart. She transformed him into a beast and his servants into household objects. She gives him the rose which is an enchanted rose that'll bloom until his 21st year. If he can learn to love someone and earn her love in return, he'll break the spell. If not, he'd be doomed to remain a be a beast forever. Years later, he notices a man named Maurice enters the castle without permission. He locks him up in the dungeon. Then, a beautiful young woman named Belle, who is also Maurice's daughter shows up and begs the Beast to let him out to which the Beast refuses. Thinking of something, Belle offers herself instead. The Beast agrees only if she'd stay in the castle forever. Belle sees him in the light and is at first appalled by his appearence, but then she agrees. Beast shows her the castle, but tells her not to go into the West Wing. He leds her to her room and tells her to join him to dinner(under Lumiere's suggestion). At dinner, he impatiently waits for Belle to come down, but Lumiere and Mrs. Potts tell him to calm down and that Belle could be the only chance to break the spell. Beast sees the door open to reveal Cogsworth who meekly tells him that Belle isn't coming to dinner. Beast, enraged goes to her door and demands her presense. The servents tell him to be gentle. When that fails, he gives up and goes to the West Wing where he picks up the mirror and hears that Belle is still angry with him for locking up her father and not letting her say goodbye to him and that she wants nothing to do with him. Beast, realizing that it could be hopeless. When Belle enterd the West Wing, he accidentally scared her away, but seeing that Belle was in trouble with the wolves her father encountered earlier, the Beast saves her. Belle takes the Beast back to the castle and tends his wounds before thanking him for saving her life which results in friendship. Over time, Beast starts to fall in love with Belle as she began to teach him how to love. He gives her the castle library as a gift. Belle and Beast have a dinner then dance in teh ballroom before going outside. Beasts asks Belle if she is happy and she replies yes, but she misses her father. The Beast
Prince Adam
gives her the magic mirror and she sees that Maurice is sick in teh woods while trying to find her. Realizing that her father needs help, Beast releases Belle. He mourns his loss of hope, but learns to love. Just as he did, he didnt notice the angry mob, led by Gaston, Belle's suitor to the castle. While the servants took away the villagers, Gaston came into Beast's room shot him with a bow and arrow. Gaston taunts Beast of being too kind and gentle to fight back and was about to finish him off...when Belle arrived back on the scene, making Beast confident enough to fight Gaston. Just as he was about to throw him off, Gaston begs for his life. Beast, knwoing about his human side lets him go under the condition that he'd never come back to the castle. Beast goes to Belle and embraces her just as Gaston stabs him. Beast moves around casuing Gaston to fall off to his death as Belle pulled him up. As he dies, Belle tells him that she loves him. Soon, as the last petal fell, Beast lifts up into the air and transforms back into Prince Adam while the other servants turn human again. He and Belle marry and live happily ever after.

He makes a major role in "Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas" where he had forbidden Christmas because it was the day that his curse had started. It wasn't until Belle's loving gift of a storybook is what melts his heart and lift the ban. When he was human again, he gives Belle a rose as a Christmas present.

He debuts in "MCF and the Princess Mystery" as a minor role, but he'll make more appearences in "MCF: Meets the Mouse" and "MCF: The Musical Adventure"


  • Adam wasn't originally going to be the Beast's real name, but the computer game The D Show confirmed it.
  • Beast is the first prince to not be a human for the majority of the first movie; the second is Naveen.
  • Beast makes a cameo in Aladdin as a toy figurine.
  • He is the first Disney Prince to be a redhead.
  • When Beast gets his hair done for his night with Belle, his first hairstyle resembles The Cowardly Lion from "The Wizard of Oz."


  • MCF and the Princess Mystery(debut)
  • MCF: Meets the Mouse(upcoming)
  • MCF: The Musical Adventure(upcoming)