The Amazing Mumbo
 The Amazing Mumbo is a villain on Teen Titans. He is a powerful magician with the ability to make any of his tricks seem real. He has blue skin, a white mask, a white mustache and goatee, a black magician suit and hat. He is voiced by Tom Kenny.


The Amazing Mumbo was once a old magician down on his luck until he found a real hat and wand which turned him crazy and turned him into the villain the Titans know.

In "The Sum of his Parts, he robbed a jewlery store and fled to a junkyard. Cyborg was lost at the time and the other Titans thought that Mumbo has him hostage. Actually, Cyborg was found by the hermit FIxit. After the Titans have chased Mumbo all over, Robin managed to hold his wand and broke it, nullifying Mumbo's enchantments. WHen Cyborg failed to show up, the Titans returned to the junkyard after they delievered Mumbo to the authorities.

In "Bunny Raven or How to make a Titananimal Disappear", he transports the Titans in his hat and transforms the Titans into animals(Robin-monkey, Cyborg-bear, Starfire-tigress, Raven-bunny and Beast Boy-lamp and inanimate object). Mumbo Jumbo was caught by the Teen Titans robbing the city's central bank. When RAvendisplayed a lack of appreciation for his magic tricks, Mumbo Jumbo decided to outdo her. He drew Raven and the remaining Titans into a pocket dimension in his hat, which was populated by Mumbo Jumbo look-alikes, turned them into animals and limited Beast Boy's shape-changing ability to objects only, and prepared to eliminate them in the grand finale of his own theater show. With their powers gone, the Titans were rendered helpless—until Raven managed to outsmart him by painting herself and the others that they optically blended in with the stage and fooling him into opening her cage. This action released the Titans and Mumbo Jumbo's loot from the hat, and Mumbo Jumbo was apprehended he questioned how they escaped but Raven refused to tell him saying "A magician never reveals her secrets" while winking at him.

In "MCF: Freaky Mystery Day", he has swapped the MCF's powers(including Raina with enemy Tricia) in order to bring payback for what Yen Sid did years ago. He then transports Raina, and Tricia(along with the other MCF) into his hat and prepare to do the same to the Titans.


  • His appearence in "MCF: Freaky Mystery Day" is simular to Mr. Beetle's enterance in "Thumbelina."
  • His song "Master of Your Fate" has a simular tune to "Friend Like Me" and "You're Only Second Rate" from "Aladdin" and "Aladdin: The Return of Jafar.
  • His mask is simular to Robin's.
  • In one of the Teen Titans shorts, he develops a crush on Mother Mae-Eye.
  • At the end of his song, he disappears like The Cheshire Cat from "Alice in Wonderland."
  • In "MCF: Freaky Mystery Day", he happens to be an old foe Yen Sid dealt with in the past.
  • Despite him being a member of teh Brotherhood of Evil, he is not in "Calling All Titans."


  • MCF: Freaky Mystery Day(debut)

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