Terry and Terri

Terry and Terri Perry, the two headed member of Oozma Kappa

Terri and Terry Perry are Oozma Kappa members of Monsters University. They are a yellow two headed, one eyed monster with four arms and orange striped tenticles for feet. Terri has one horn while Terry has two. Terri is voiced by Sean Hayes while Terry is voiced by David Foley.


Terry and Terri first appear with their fraternity trying to get other members, but no luck...that is until Mike and Sulley join in. Terry and Terri accept MIke and Sulley and use their talents to go into the Scare Games. The two brothers also bicker and share a love for magic tricks, proving that they are masters of Misdirection during the second game of the Scare Games and in spite of their bickering, like many twin brothers, they care deeply about each other no matter what. 

In "MCF: Monsters in College", they meet the MCF at Mike and Sulley's college reunion along with the other Oozma Kappa members but are unaware that the girls are humans diguised as monsters.

In the spin-off, "My Two Tiny Angels" episode "Mystery Case Files Reunion(briefly), they have a Cinderella like experience when Mike and Sulley due to busy schedules that force them to not have enough time to invite them to the ball until Aaron, Raina and the other MCF give them what they need; more will be revealed soon.

In "MCF Familes Reunited at Last" "When two brothers become one" They make a deal with the whicked armadillo Toothpick in order to finally seperate and become two seperate monsters. However Terri fell ill and as he got sicker and sicker Terry proved his love for his brother by getting a laugh canister for the evil armadillo before he, the MCF and the OKs rescued them from a burning building and their love for each other turned them back into a conjoined monster with Terri alive and well, much to his brother's relief.


  • Terry was David Foley's first Pixar role since Flik in "A Bug's Life."


  • MCF: Monsters in College(debut)
  • MCF: Families Reunited At Last(return; episodes "When Two Brothers Beome One", "The Search for Starz")
  • My Two Tiny Angels(episode 8: Mystery Case Files Reunion(Briefly))
  • MCF: A Monsterous Mystery
  • MCF: Another Monsterous Mystery

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