Ted Wiggins, Audrey's boyfriend

Ted Wiggins is the main protagonist of "Dr.Seuss's The Lorax(2012)" besides the Lorax himself. Ted is an idealist boy who at first went to find the real Truffula Tree to impress his crush, then girlfriend Audrey. He learns about the importance of nature along the way from hearing the Once-ler's story. He has brown hair, a white shirt over a orange/red T-shirt, blue pants and white/black shoes. He is voiced by Zac Efron.


Ted first appears where during the opening number "Thneedville", he buys an mobile airplane to fly over his crush Audrey's house. He goes over to Audrey's house and learns from her and a mural she painted on the back of her house that there used to be real live Truffula Trees growing all around Thneedville. Inspired by Audrey's love for nature and his Grammy Norma's story of the Once-ler, he steps outside the city of Thneedville(despite the evil O'Hare's distate for nature for he has bottled air to sell), he ventures into the deserted and toxic wastelands and goes to the Once-ler's house. He pays the Once-ler, a grandfather snail, a nail and five cents so he hears the story of the Lorax. Despite O'Hare's threats, he goes two more times to finish the story until he not only learns that it will impress Audrey, but that he must get the people to realize hwo much nature is important to them. He is given a  sneaks back and shows his mother, Grammy Norma and Audrey the Truffula Seed. They agree to plant it in the square and after a chase and a stand off with O'Hare and the crowd, Ted uses a bulldozer to knock over the wall and expose the wasteland and O'Hare's lies. Ted plants the seed and the people thank Ted for reminding them about nature and Audrey kisses his cheek and becomes his girlfriend.

In "Golem the Robot Terror", Ted, along with Audrey, the Once-ler, the Lorax and the animals are captured by a robot known as Golem. They get rescued by the MCF after they defeat the robot.

MCF AppearancesEdit

  • Mystery Case Files: the Fanfiction (debut; episode Golem the Robot Terror)


  • The boy in the book didn't have a name til this film.
  • Ted was named after Theodore Geisel, Dr. Seuss's real name.
  • It may be a hint that Ted might know that his girlfriend is a member of the Rookie Mystery Case Files.

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