Tatiana was the second oldest sister of Olga, Maria, Anya and Alexei and the biological aunt of Tracy, Tricia and Annie. She returns from the grave in MCF in: The Return of Rasputin and since her appearance. She has been voiced by Tabitha St. Germain and her singing is done by Kazumi Evans.

Physical Appearance

Like Anastasia; Olga, Tatiana and Maria shared the same traits: fair skin, auburn hair, thick eyebrows and light blue Romanov eyes with naturally groomed eyelashes. The only difference out of the girls are that all three shared different hairstyles: Tatiana's hair is shorter and cutted in an elegant way and her hair is darker than Olga's and she wears a peach dress. She amongst her sisters is the tallest amongst them with being the height of  5'9.


Tatiana personality is not well defined, since she rarely appeared in the movie and hardly spoke. However, in the scene in which Tatiana along with her sisters Maria and Olga surrounded Anastasia during Once Upon a December, we can see she was fond of their sister, Anastasia, since they were the only ones who came to her (as if they wanted to greet), and stood a moment with her (before they were taken out to dance). At the time they were with Anastasia, they were happily surrounding her, meanwhile Maria gave her a pearl necklace, indicating as if she would have wanted to join Anastasia to the ball with them. Later on, they're seen in Anastasia's dream (later nightmare). Even though it's known that the dream was just one of Rasputin's trap in order to kill Anastasia, we can analyze that Olga, Tatiana and Maria were once playful with each other, since they were waving happily to Anastasia, before they'd jump to the pool with their father. Further in the film, we could tell that Olga was a teaser person (before her death) as told by Anastasia to Marie, since she criticized Anastasia's old drawing by saying that it looked like a pig riding a donkey (which in real life, she did say that, but to their father).


Tatiana was the second oldest in the family while , and Maria was the third oldest .

Tatiana along with her sisters, brother and parents were presumed to be assasinated by Rasputin and the Bolsheviks until they were revived when Tracy and Tricia stopped Rasputin from trying to kill them.

Though Tatiana is not one of the main characters, she along with her sisters are shown in a few scenes in the film. One scene was in the prologue of the movie, which was when young Anastasia was running the stairs to share a picture of Olga to her grandmother. Later, they appear when Anastasia is singing (Once Upon A December) and Olga, Tatiana and Maria appear as ghosts along with the rest of the other Romanov line on the dance floor, surrounding Anastasia. Then, they're all three briefly seen in a family portrait. Finally, they appear again in Anastasia's dream where they wave at Anastasia and Alexei before and after Alexei jump into the water to join their father.


  • In some stories it's revealed that Tracy is named after Tatiana with her biological full name being Tracy Tatiana Romanov.
  • In MCF: 20 Candles, Tatiana jokingly states that Maria wants to be the godmother for the new baby before Anya decides on Ben and Julie.
  • According to the film, Anastasia was eight years old rather than seventeen at the time of the revolution. In addition, the film also states that the revolution occurred in 1916 as opposed to 1917. This implies that Olga, who was six years older than Anastasia in real life, died at the age of 14 instead of 22; that Tatiana, who was four years older than Anastasia in real life, died at the age of 12 instead of 21; and that Maria, who was two years older than Anastasia in real life, died at the age of 10 instead of 19.
  • Even though Olga, Tatiana and Maria died at a young age, in Once Upon a December they're seen much older just like Anastasia.
  • At a height of 5'9" (1.75 m), Tatiana was the tallest of the sisters in real life, while the 5'2" (1.57 m) Anastasia was the shortest.
  • The animators may have drawn inspiration from the girls' 1914 formal photographs for their hairstyles in the film.
  • In the Romanov ball and Anastashia's dream, Olga and Tatiana wear the same color dress and swimsuit. Tatiana wearing peach, and Olga wearing pink. However, Maria weared a purple dress in the ball and a green swimsuit in the dream.

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