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Take a Step Inside Your Mind is a song from the Wander Over Yonder episode "The Void". In the song, Wander tells Sylvia that ther'es a lot to do in the void they entered, but Sylvia doesn't want to participate and wants to leave, but Wander encourages her to join him. It is a surrealistic musical number. It will be sung in "MCF and the Void" 


Wander: Oh, there's a place you can do, Do whatever you want to. Just take a step inside your mind. Open up the door, walk on through, You'll be singing, "Whoop-boop-de-doo!" When you take a step inside your mind.

Oh, make up stuff that you wanna see Like a psychedelic bumblebee.

Do some things you want to try Like flying up in the sky, When you take a step inside your mind.

Sylvia: Wander! Wander! Whichever of these yous is you, I think you should maybe take five, pal! Wander: Aw, you should join us!Sylvia: Uh, no, thanks, I'm fine. Wander: Come on, it'll be fun!

(Dance break)

Wander: Ooh, there's a spot where all is fine. You'll be happy all the time Just take a step inside your mind. Don't be sad, don't be blue, You'll find endless things to do When you take a step inside your mind.

It's a place for you to grow By knowing things you've never known.

Got a problem you need solved? Use your noodle and evolve! Take it, Syl!

Sylvia: Uh, no, thanks, I really wanna go –

Wander and Sylvia Dummy: Oh, just take a step inside... Wander Audience: Take a step inside your... All: Take a step inside your... Sylvia Dummy: Yep-a-dep-a-dep-ba-ba-da-bow!


  • This is the second song Sylvia sings (Your Happy Birthday Song), although she sings it involuntarily.
  • The song starts out with a slow intro, but becomes faster when it's sung.
  • For the jug band intro, no real jugs were used. Andy Bean simply made some jug sounds with his mouth.[1]
  • A total of 133 Wanders were seen throughout the song.
  • The scene with the theatre is a remenist to Pinocchio. It is also a reference to Chicago where Sylvia is a dummy to Wander's ventriloquist simular to the "Both Reached for the Gun" number.
    • Ironically, Wander will sing that song with Tricia and Raina in "MCF: Who Framed Tricia?" even using same sequencing. 


  • Wander and Sylvia(Wander Over Yonder: The Void)
  • Wander, Sylvia, Tricia, Raina, Skyla and Jessy(MCF and the Void)

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