Tad and Chad are minor villains on "Teh Fairly Oddparents." They are Timmy's rivals for Trixie's affections on the show. Both are from the Popular Group and both look the same and wear purple jackets, black shoes and pants and sunglasses, except Chad is African American and has green eyes and Tad has blonde hair. Tad is voiced by Tara Strong and Chad is voiced by Grey Delisle. 


They first appear in "A Wish Too Far" where they are first seen ignoring Timmy, but when Timmy becomes popular, they think he's cool. However, when he reveals himself to be a sham, Tad invites everyone to a party on his lot, except for the unpopular kids, but Trixie comes back to Timmy showing her compassionate side.

They appear throughout the show trying to take Trixie's affections away from Timmy and most of the time their plans were foiled at the expense of Timmy wishing he was cool. They stopped appearing since Season 7.

In "RMCF: The Popular New MEmber", they along with Veronica and a reluctant Trixie dismiss the Rookies as being unpopular and lame. However, when Trixie decides to give up her popularity and become a Rookie Mystery Case Files member, she breaks her friendship with them.


  • It could be possible that Chad is Veronica's boyfriend since they were skating together in "Just the Two of Us." 
  • They are probably one of the reasons why Trixie wouldn't be closer to Timmy. 


  • RMCF: The Popular New Member(Debut; minor appearence)

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