Surly Squirrel is the main protagonist of "The Nut Job." He is a lone rebel purple squirrel who tries to get a nut. He is at first brash, greedy and selfish, but later he becomes nicer, more caring about his friends and becomes unselfish and more soft hearted by the end of the movie. He is voiced by Will Arnett. 


Surly is sweet and fluffy on the outside, but inside, he's a cunning and sarcastic rogue who trusts no one. He loves surviving on his own since he was young and uses cons and swindling methods to pull off his schemes to get nuts for the winter.

Surly's dull past has made him an outcast in his community, but it also made him a true survivor.

Despite his cunning and deceitful ways, Surly knows deep in his heart that he has a conscience within him, such as he regretted harming Buddy with a spoon by mistake and hurting his feelings but they make amends and heard Buddy say his first ever words to him; calling him 'best friend' before he hugs the rat happily.

Over the course of the film, Surly puts his community in tight situations, breaks the rules, and believes love is for chumps until he meets his match in the feisty Andie and his woodland buddies. In the end when his shady heart turns into a heart of gold, he apparently has won over Andie's heart and she his own as they embrace in a hug.

MCF STories Edit

He debuted in "MCF: Families Reunited at Last" in the episode during Season 4, "Strawberry's Berry Big World" where he, Buddy and the other gang meet Cherry and Lemon when Angela teleports them to Oakton while the MCF Look for them.  He also begins to develop parental feelings for Cherry and Lemon when he couldn't bring himself to harm them as payback to the humans that took his family, up to the point where he's do anything for them, even putting his own life in danger to protect them from Raccoon.

Appearences Edit

  • MCF: Families Reunited at Last(Debut; Strawberry's Berry Big World)
  • MCF: Another Monstrous Mystery


  • He is the first main protagonist voiced by Will Arnett. 
  • Surly is simular to Tulio from "The Road to EL Dorado" and Flynn Rider because they first are loners until they learn from a female love interest to work together and that it's hard to be alone.

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