Sunil Nevla

Sunil Nevla is a blue mongoose with a talent for magic. Usually, his magical tricks come in handy and can really wow the crowd, but he sometimes messes up, and apparently explosions are semi-common of his tricks. He is best friends with Vinnie Terrio. He is voiced by Peter New.

Bio Edit

Sunil is a very crafty mongoose who loves magic. He is often shown to practice it, or may use it when it would come in handy. However, he's also very cowardly and even admits this as his most common of all faults. The others care deeply about him and he knows this, but sometimes it isn't enough to make him face his fears or worries.

Sunil panics very easily, but when cobras come up (real or imaginary), he strangely turns very strong and competent and is able to do the job right. Blythe and Russell use his natural hatred of cobras to give him the confidence to help rescue the remaining pets (Zoe, Minka, Penny Ling, Pepper and Vinnie) from their imprisonment within the Largest Ever Pet Shop.

Despite his timidity, Sunil reveals to have a pretentious side, such as when he boasts about Jasper getting his voice correct when it was an inaccurate deep voice in Commercial Success and he tries to prove himself to be an excellent painter in Two Pets for Two Pests.

MCF Stories Edit

He and the other pets appear in the MCF: Families Reunited at Last episode and the Season 2 finale "The Pets and the Minotaur." She and the other pets are taken by a minotaur(really a transformed Dimitri(Tracy's biological father) under a spell by a sorcerer). The MCF go to find it with the help of Blythe and the remaining pets including a hidden Tracy's mother, who later reveals herself to be Anya "Anastasia" Romanov. She and the other pets are then reunited with their friends while Tracy reunite with her parents.

Appearences Edit

  • MCF: Families Reunited at Last(Debut; episode: The Pets and the Minotaur)

Trivia Edit

  • Despite being an Indian oriented character, Sunil's species is depicted as a banded mongoose, which is actually an African subspecies.
  • Sunil's hatred of cobras is most likely due to the fact that snakes and mongoose are enemies that often fight each other.
  • Sunil has been able to hypnotize people, as shown in Gailbreak!.
  • Sunil's name means "deep or very dark blue" in Hindi, while Nevla means Mongoose. So Sunil Nevla means Dark Blue Mongoose.
  • His parents have appeared in Frenemies, it was also mentioned that they had wanted him to study medicine.
  • Despite Sunil routinely having success with magic, his abilities and knowledge of magic are often ridiculed by the other pets.
  • It's shown in Eight Arms to Hold You that he lives in an apartment in the third floor of the same building as Littlest Pet Shop. According to Julie McNally Cahill, with the Indian Nevla family