Sulley as he appears in the final scene of "Monster's Inc.


James P. Sullivan or Sulley as he is called sometimes is one of the protagonists in Disney/PIXAR's Monster's Inc and the upcoming prequel Monsters University. He is a blue furred obese mosnter with purple spots and horns, sharp teeth and spikes. He is voiced by John Goodman.


Sulley was first seen being trained after being awakened by his best friend Mike Wazowski. They watch the new commercial and then walk to work(much to Mike's dismay). At work, they greet up with Mike's girlfriend Celia, who is the receptionist and Sulley's rival in scaring Randall Boggs. Sulley and the other scarers do their job, but Sulley wins by a landslide(one of his doors had a bunch of kids at a slumber party). After a 23-19 emergancy from the CDA when fellow scaremate George Sanderson had a sock on his back, he has a talk/cofee break with the boss Mr. henry J.Waternoose for a while. At the end of the day while Mike went on a date with Celia, Sulley went to go get Mike's paperwork and deliver it to Roz. However, as he was about to do that, he notice's a spare door on the scare floor and opens it to find nothing. He closes it and to his horror, a little girl is behind him. Scared, Sulley tries to bring the girl back to her room, but the girl came out again. He trips on her toys and tries to flush them in the bathroom, but can't. He hides them in one of the lockers, but then realizes the girl is on him. He puts her in a bag and tries to get her back to her world, but the door is gone since Randall had just came out. Sulley takes the bag and head to the place where Mike and Celia are having dinner to warn him,but the girl wrecks havoc, sending CDA agents around the city. Sulley and Mike take teh girl home and Sulley then begins to realize that humans aren't toxic as they are told in the Monster World. They sneak back into the factory with Boo(the name Sulley cals the girl) disguised as a monster. Boo then runs off and Sulley chases her before he enters the garbage room thinks Boo has been crushed into a garbage cube, but finds Boo playing with other monster children. They run to the Training room where Mr. Waternoose tells Sulley to demonstrate his scare techniques on the trainees. Sulley obeys, but his performance scares Boo. Sulley goes to comfort her only for her disguise to fall off.  Sulley and Mike explain everything, but they soon find out that Randall and Waternoose are having a conspiracy against them and banish them to the Himalyas taking Boo. THere, they meet up with the Abomiable Snowman. Determined to get to Boo, whom he grew to love as a daughter, Sulley takes a few items and makes a sled to slide down to the village and enters one of the closet doors and comes back to Monsters Inc just before Boo's scream is about to be extracted by Randall and Waternoose. He rescues Boo and they and Mike(who has joined in after following Sulley) run from Randall and climb up a door to find a vault full of doors. The chase continues on through the vault until Randall kicks Sulley down, releasing Boo's anger and beats the snot out of him before Sulley and Mike banish him to the Everglades. Sulley and Mike head back to Boo's door, but before they can open it, they are sent back to Monster's Inc to confront Waternoose and the CDA. Mike distracts them while Sulley grabs Boo's door and he and Boo are chased by Waternoose into the Training room. Waternoose confronts Sulley, accidentally exposing hsi plan to capture children and extract their screams. However, he is exposed by MIke and the CDA who arrest him. Roz, revealing herself to be a secret member of the CDA tells Sulley that he has 5 minutes to let Boo go home before her door is shredded. Sulley and boo say their goodbyes and Boo's door is shredded, but without a purpose, Monster's Inc had a lot of layoffs. Sulley discovers from their adventure that children's laughs are as powerful as screams so he becomes the new owner of Monsters inc and changes their powersource from screams to alughter and appoints Mike as top comedian. Mike then shows Sulley Boo's door in which he fixed up and Sulley uses a piece left to activate her door so he can visit Boo whenever he wants.

In Monsters University, which takes place 10 years before the original movie, Sulley is the jock of the college and is in Scaring major like Mike, but he was boisterous and playful unlike MIke who is serious and intelligent, which clicked their rivalry. The two end up failing the scare test and get expelled, but to get back into the school, they have to scare a child,, in the process, they become the best of friends.


  • In Monsters University, he is 18, so that means in the first movie he's 28.
  • In production for the first movie, he was originally a janitor.


  • MCF: Monsters in College(Debut)
  • My Two Tiny Angels(episode 8: Mystery Case Files Reunion(briefly)