The map of Sugar Rush

Sugar Rush is a place in "Wreck-it-Ralph". It is the normal home of Vanellope, Taffyta and the other Sugar Rush racers. It contains King Candy, then Vanellope's castle and Diet Cola mountain.

Places in Sugar RushEdit

  • Sugar Rush Castle: Home of the infamous King Candy, his majordomo Sour Bill, and King Candy's two donut cops named Whynchell and Duncan. It also contains a hidden chamber that leads to the games code which can be accessed with the Konami Chase. It later becomes Vanellope's home when she is revealed as the true ruler of Sugar Rush.
  • Candy Cane Forest: A forest full of red-and-white striped peppermint trees. It's a favorite hangout spot for Vanellope. It has Laffy Taffy vines, a taffy swamp, and a Nesquik-sand pit. Double-striped canes disappear when touched.
  • Diet Cola Mountain: A soda bottle shaped volcano with a pit of boiling hot Diet Cola instead of lava. There are Mentos stalactites that sometimes fall from the roof of the volcano, causing fizzy eruptions! Diet Cola Mountain was home to Vanellope, who lived in a secret un-programmed hideaway inside the mountain (by entering through two suger free lollipops at its base) before she moved into King Candy's former castle. There is an incomplete racetrack within the mountain, suggesting that the mountain was intended to be a bonus level, but the game creators never got around to finishing it; this is confirmed by Vanellope. The volcano has two major roles in the movie: it serves as the destination where Ralph teaches Vanellope to
    Enterance Sugar Rush
    drive, and it is also where Ralph eventually goes to kill the Cy-Bugs, by smashing apart all of the stalactites and sending them into the volcano's crater creating a beam of light that instantly kills the bugs in the process.
  • Sugar Rush Speedway: The Sugar Rush Speedway is a scenic race track that traverses all the environments which make up Sugar Rush.
  • Kart Factory: The place where all the racers' karts are made. Vanellope and Ralph break into the factory to create a kart for Vanellope. The factory serves as a minigame within the game, where the player has to make their own kart in one minute. The mini game consists of three parts:
Mixing: The player sorts ingredients, dumping the right items into the bowl, while separating the bad ingredients (such as underwear and a fire hydrant) into a trash can.
Baking: The player uses an air pump to heat a large oven to the correct temperature.
Decorating: The player uses a gun to hit targets on decoration dispensers, adding the items to design a personal kart.
In the end, the player has its own kart.
  • Fungeon: A prison located inside King Candy's castle. Vanellope and Felix were briefly held in the Fungeon, until rescued them. The windows of the Fungeon are made of Pocky sticks that reinforce themselves whenever Felix tries to break them apart ("Why do I fix everything I touch?!") Vanellope's fungeon cell appears to be decorated with a circus-themed mural, with smiling clowns on the walls saying quotes like "Someone's been naughty!" and "You are a bad girl!"
  • Junkyard: Where destroyed, worn-out, and scrapped karts are stored.


  • King Candy/Turbo(formerly)
  • Sour Bill
  • Winchell and Duncan
  • Vanellope
  • Taffyta
  • Candlehead
  • Rancis
  • Sugar Rush Racers


  • Wreck-it-Ralph
  • Fix-it-Felix Jr.
  • Seargeant Tamora Calhoun
  • Raina
  • Starz
  • Emmy
  • Jessy/OogieJess
  • Tracy
  • Daisy


  • The game was plugged in 1997.
  • The game's style is based on Anime cartoons from the 70's and classic desserts as well as Mario Kart
  • The sign for leaving is "Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow", a quote from "Romeo and Juliet."
  • In "MCF: The Race of Death", a portal is offered for the girls to get home, but it turns out that the MCF's adventure was all a dream for on the JumboTron it can show what's going on in the real world.


  • MCF: The Race of Death(Debut)

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